XDefiant Is Getting Team Deathmatch Tomorrow

xdefiant team deathmatch

XDefiant was released on May 21 to a relatively positive reception, but the free-to-play shooter from Ubisoft wasn’t without its teething problems. To give credit to the team at Ubisoft, updates have already been released to patch out some of the most considerable issues in the game, and recently, the first season of the title was revealed, showcasing new maps, weapons, and a new faction.

Now, Ubisoft has announced the impending arrival of Team Deathmatch, due to land in XDefiant tomorrow, June 21.


XDefiant has a few modes that FPS fans are very familiar with. For instance, there’s Domination, which is a tried-and-tested trope popularised by the likes of Call of Duty. Then there’s Escort, which bears strong similarities to the game mode of the same name in Overwatch 2. There isn’t anything too tactical, though – most game modes involve rampant run-and-gun styles of play.

Ubisoft is set to expand on that sentiment tomorrow by introducing Team Deathmatch, a timeless mode that pits two teams against one another and challenges them to get a certain number of kills faster than their opponents.

With a vast array of weapons at their disposal and factions bursting with abilities and special gadgets, players are sure to enjoy Team Deathmatch, which is ultimately a no-holds-barred kill-fest of a mode.

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