Sony To Skip Gamescom 2024

Sony Gamescom 2024

Sony has confirmed that it will skip Gamescom 2024. It marks the fifth year in a row that Sony won’t attend the annual event in Germany.

“Sony Interactive currently has no plans to exhibit at Gamescom 2024,” the company told German outlet Games Wirtschaft

In addition to Sony, Nintendo confirmed it won’t be at Gamescom this year. Last year during the event, Nintendo reportedly showed closed-door tech demos of the Nintendo Switch 2 to various press members and game developers.

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Though both Sony and Nintendo won’t be in attendance, companies like THQ Nordic, Ubisoft, and more will be on hand to showcase their latest games.

Insider Gaming will be in attendance at Gamescom 2024, bringing you exclusive coverage of the event. Gamescom 2024 begins August 21 and runs through August 25 from Cologne, Germany. The event kicks off with Opening Night Live on August 20.

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  1. They passed last time too both of them have Fall shows but it honestly seems too far away/

  2. Gamescom really isn’t a big show it hasn’t been in years like since last gen. Sony should move up the showcase though and show their plans for next year so far it looks bad.

  3. Playstation will skip 2024 just like it skipped 2022. No Playstation Showcase 2024, No Gamescom 2024. Playstation don’t have enough games to create a show every year. Both Wolverine and Marathon are on early stages of development and will couple of years to complete. Naughty Dog usually work on every game 7 years so next Last of Us will be 2027.

  4. These shows are more for the industry than actual consumers, so Sony not being there is moot for me. The PS App amd website notifications are good enough for me.

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