Banana Developer Says Game Isn’t A Scam

Banana Game Scam

The developer behind the viral clicker game Banana is coming to the game’s defense, saying it’s not the scam people are making it out to be.

Taking to the game’s official Discord server, co-owner aestheticsparn said that there is “no scamming” happening with Banana. In fact, the developers want to make the game more than what it currently is.

“We cannot wait to turn this game into something bigger and better than just a clicker game,” they wrote. “Please stay on the lookout as we have been and still are working on a large amount of updates to improve the game and let you all do much more with your bananas.”

If you don’t know what Banana is, it’s a pretty simple concept. You open a banana, click said banana, earn drops that vary in value, and repeat. Where the actual value comes in, it’s unclear. However, people seem to be hooked on it as it has become the ninth-most-played game in Steam history, ahead of game’s like Baldur’s Gate 3, Hogwarts Legacy, Apex Legends, and more.

Along with the overall goal of what they hope to achieve with the game, it was revealed that a member of the team was let go after it came to light that they were previously involved with a Bitcoin scam on the Steam marketplace.

“As you all have heard by now Theselions used to be involved in a steam market ‘bitcoin’ scam/bug,” aestheticspartan said. “We did not know about this until recent videos started to point this out and we had a talk almost immediately with the whole team about the situation.

“We gave him the chance to explain the situation to us and we know he is showing remorse and is sorry about what happened in the past.”

One issue that sits with the game is that there is likely a bot problem. With it being free on Steam, users are able to create hundreds of extra accounts in order to try and get more and rarer banana drops.

“Unfortunately we are currently facing some problems around botting, since the game takes basically 1% to no resources of your PC, people are abusing up to 1000 alternative accounts in order to get Rarer drops or at least drops in bulk,” one developer known as Hery told Polygon.

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