Shadow of the Erdtree is Now the Highest-Rated DLC of All Time

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Story Trailer

With the reviews pouring in, it’s a moment of pride and excitement for the gaming community as FromSoftware’s highly anticipated Elden Ring expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, has already soared to the top, becoming the highest-rated DLC of all time. According to Metacritic, Shadow of the Erdtree has secured an impressive Metascore of 95, based on 56 critic reviews at the time of writing.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to this expansion’s quality and anticipation. The broader audience can experience this triumph on June 21, 2024, when the user scores start rolling in. The top spot was previously held by The Witcher 3’s DLC, Blood and Wine, with a Metascore of 92

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is palpable, to the extent that even the original author of the Elden Ring manga, Nikiichi Tobita, is taking a break to play the DLC. Tobita recently shared on X (formerly Twitter) that the manga’s latest episode, ‘ELDEN RING’, The Road to the Golden Tree Episode 45, has been updated. He also announced a ‘hiatus’ to fully immerse himself in the Elden Ring DLC. This level of excitement from the manga creators themselves is a testament to the thrill and anticipation that awaits the players. 

The Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree expansion promises an exciting new adventure. In the perilous Land of Shadow, players will delve into fresh mysteries, navigate treacherous dungeons, and confront ruthless enemies. They’ll also be able to wield new weapons and equipment, enhancing their gameplay experience.

The expansion will be available for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam, offering a wide range of players the chance to explore this thrilling new world. Before the release, you can find the official system requirements and the additional benefits of the Shadow of the Entree patch here. 

Do you think Shadow of the Erdtree deserves to become the highest-rated DLC ever? Let us know in the comments. 

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