Sony Confirms The Next Uncharted Movie Is In The Works

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In 2022, the first Uncharted movie debuted worldwide, starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. It was a commercial success, bringing in almost half a billion dollars at the box office and setting up a surefire series of movies to follow – if the closing scenes of the first movie were anything to go by, at least.

Recently, Sony confirmed that a second movie is in the works, once again starring Holland as Nathan Drake (which is pretty obvious) and Mark Wahlberg as Sully (again, fairly obvious). When the first movie dropped, it was referenced that plans existed to turn it into a series – and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Return of the Drake

During a recent appearance at the CineEurope trade show, Sony Pictures took to the stage to talk about everything that’s in the works, from 28 Years Later to the biopics based on The Beatles. Sony’s representatives also addressed the ‘Uncharted sequel’, which is set to be a direct follow-on from the 2022 movie – but the full title is yet to be confirmed.

That wasn’t the only live-action adaptation touched upon at the presentation, as Sony also spoke about the Legend of Zelda flick that’s in production (thanks to Variety for the tip).

In the last two or three years, live-action adaptations of video game franchises have exploded in popularity, with many series emerging to an overwhelmingly popular reception. Most recently, we saw The Last of Us and Fallout appear on streaming platforms worldwide, stunning audiences and even scooping awards as a result of their stunning levels of cinematography.

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