Habbo Hotel Origins Is Taking The Game Back to 2005

habbo hotel origin

I remember playing Habbo Hotel when I was young on the family PC, attempting to get a job in a prestigious room somewhere bursting at the seams with ‘furni’. If I recall, I was some kind of a greeter, spamming the same message over and over again when new people entered the room. I also remember talking to a group of strangers about Kiss in a rock-themed room somewhere. It could have been a fever dream or something, I don’t know. Habbo was weird.

Sulake has just revealed that from tomorrow, Habbo Hotel Origins will be available to play, taking gamers back to 2005 – and simpler times – as an ‘old version’ of the game is unlocked for all.

Blast from the Past

In a post on the Habbo website, it was written:

After discovering an old decrepit server with some long-lost files at the beginning of this year, over the past six months or so long-time Habbo developer and player Macklebee has lovingly restored an old version of Habbo Hotel first released in 2005.

On the Habbo website (from June 18), players will be able to boot the ‘original’ client of the game. It has been stressed that it’s an 18-rated game and features less stringent auto-moderation features than Habbo, which is the core game that’s still going strong today. Back in the day, Habbo Hotel was a strange enough place, but having little in the way of moderation features on this classic reimagination could be a recipe for disaster. Those pool takeovers will happen once again in true Habbo fashion.

Habbo Hotel Origins will be free to play and has been built to accommodate three different languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Are you going to leap back to 2005 with Origins?

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