Wonder Woman Concept Art And Game Details Leak Online

Wonder Woman Leak

Wonder Woman is currently in development at Monolith, and now it seems that the game has suffered an apparent leak due to a survey from Warner Bros. itself.

The information started appearing online over the weekend and it shows off concept art from the game as well as a lengthy synopsis of the game. Concept art that has been posted on social media has been quickly removed due to copyright claims, seemingly confirming the legitimacy of the information.

While we won’t share the full details of the game’s story in this article, the documents suggest that the game will be available only on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It also reconfirmed that the Nemesis System from Monolith’s Middle-earth titles will return for Wonder Woman as well.

As far as other features of the game, Shpeshal Nick has claimed that the game will feature the invisible jet as a method for fast travel. He also said that the game’s moving feels “like a good version of Crackdown.”

Insider Gaming has reached out the Monolith and Warner Bros. Games for comment on the leaks, and the timing of the survey they supposedly came from. All requests for comment have been declined.

Wonder Woman was first announced back at The Game Awards 2021. Since then, however, information has been few and far between. One thing that was confirmed, though, was that it will not be a live service game.

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  1. Ugh no one wants this why can’t we get Kyle Higgins Batman Beyond 2.0 comic adapted into an open world game. A Chuck Dixon Nightwing would be amazing too, a Jonah Hex game, a Static game, Wally West The Flash game, Jerry Ordway’s Captain Marvel, Peter David’s Aquaman, Johns/Tomasi Green Lantern, any of those would be great instead of this.

  2. What’s the situation with Montreal’s single player DC game and Monolith’s other DC game what are they for instance? Is NRS making Injustice 3 what comes after MK 1 and is Injustice dead? What’s TT games making with WB losing the Lego license.

  3. What other games are being made at WB? The only title I’m aware of outside this is Hogwarts Legacy 2.

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