The Latest Claims About Monolith’s Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman claims concept art

After rumors of Wonder Woman being a live-service game began and were subsequently shot down, it appears there are more claims to show that it’s a true single-player game.

During the latest episode of the Xbox Era Podcast, Shpeshal Nick went through what he’s been told by his sources about how the game is shaping up.

According to Nick, the game currently runs at 30 FPS with the hope of a 60 FPS performance mode. As far as overall visuals go, it’s said to be much like that of Gotham Knights but “probably a little bit better.”

Regarding gameplay, Nick says that the game features many of the same things other games of the kind have such as enemy mobs, mini-bosses, and regular bosses. There will also be chests and various loot drops for things like boots, braces, and torso gear all with stats for the player.

The invisible jet will be a part of the game and be used for fast travel.

“Jumping, leaping, and fast dashing feels really cool like a good version of Crackdown,” he says.

“The Lariat feels good to use; works sort of like Spider-Man’s webs,” he added. “You can wrap it around people, slam them.”

First announced in 2021, Wonder Woman is expected to release in 2024 though there has been no confirmation on that.

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