Geoff Keighley Wants Tougher Security at The Game Awards

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In the last year, individuals with bizarre agendas have stormed the stage twice during events that were hosted by Geoff Keighley. First, it was The Game Awards 2022, when a questionable youth slipped onto the stage and dedicated an award to Bill Clinton. Then, during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live in August, a stage-crasher strolled up to Keighley and tried shouting into his microphone… Again, about Bill Clinton.

Understandably, Geoff is sick of it, and in a recent Q&A stream, he took the time to explain that security is of the highest priority at this year’s Game Awards.

No More Invasions

He didn’t go into fine detail – but then again, nobody would. But it was stressed by Geoff Keighley that security at The Game Awards 2023, which is being hosted in the Peacock Center in Los Angeles, is ‘at the top of mind’ for his team.

We don’t want to talk about that stuff too publicly, just because it’s security. We definitely have plans and we’re trying to do all we can to keep me safe, but also everyone watching the show, the audience, people participating in the show and everything. It’s certainly something we’re thinking about. We appreciate the concern. Believe me, that’s something that is top of mind for us, but we also want to put on a great show that celebrates these games, and celebrates our love of video games, so that’s an important thing to keep in mind as well. But yeah, I appreciate the concern around that.

It’s something that we can joke about now, but in a real-world scenario, it’s a massive deal, and it could potentially be devastating if the wrong person were to make it to the stage. It’s more than understandable that Geoff Keighley wants the tightest security possible at The Game Awards, which kicks off on December 7, 2023.

We’ll have all the coverage from the showcase as it unravels on that night.

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