Bill Clinton Appears in Elden Ring After Game Awards Prank

bill clinton elden ring

Following a spectacle that took place at The Game Awards, the ‘Bill Clinton kid’ has been trending on social media. As the Game of the Year award was handed to Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director behind Elden Ring, an unknown teenager stood poised behind him, laying in wait.

As soon as Miyazaki was finished with his short speech, this young man seized his opportunity, grasping the microphone and delivering what can only be described as a bizarre message, referencing Bill Clinton in a mysterious and somewhat inane way.

By way of a response to that debacle, Elden Ring modders made the wonderful decision to import Bill Clinton into Elden Ring, quite literally modding him into existence.

‘I Want To Nominate This Award…’

For those live-streaming The Game Awards (at which more than twenty new games were revealed), it was a moment of utmost confusion. There were questions raised immediately, with everybody wondering who ‘that random kid’ was who has joined the Elden Ring team on the stage.

It was a situation made no clearer by the words that the teenager uttered before being removed from the stage:

I want to thank everybody and say that… I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton. Thank you, everybody.

Kid at The Game Awards

In true internet fashion, the memers and the modders assembled, urgently diving into the situation and drawing up whatever they could do to produce some much sought-after clicks and impressions. It was later revealed that the mysterious teenager was something of an activist, and it isn’t the first time he’s taken to an important stage to make his voice heard.

In an interview with Forbes, the teenager gave a little backstory to his outburst:

There was no underlying antisemitic or far right message. I just couldn’t think of a better person than Bill to give the spotlight to in that moment.

Again, Kid at The Game Awards

And Now, Bill

There’s no more appropriate way to say this than directly: Bill Clinton now exists in Elden Ring. On Twitter, user @Arestame_Arkeid posted an interesting trailer that served as the official debut of the 42nd President of the United States in the brutal, punishing world of Elden Ring.

At present, the mod isn’t available for public consumption, which could be seen as both a good and a bad thing, honestly. In the meantime, a group of users on Reddit have tried their best to replicate Bill Clinton using the in-game character creation menu.

It’s a stopgap until you can play as the man himself in Elden Ring, but it should keep you entertained, right?

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