Final Fantasy XVI Release Date Trailer Revealed at The Game Awards

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix’s most anticipated game has finally got some new footage premiered at The Game Awards 2022. Here’s what was shown:

The developers seem to have taken Unreal Engine 4 to its utter limits with how good the Final Fantasy XVI is looking so far. This will be first the game in the franchise entirely built for next-gen only consoles, as Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade was a port of the original PS4 title.

This was probably what allowed the dev team to take the scale to a whole other level, the evolution of the already extremely ambitious FFXV. Some of these boss fights feature gigantic enemies and the visual effects on display are very impressive, but the hardware upgrade from the PS4 to the PS5 will make it all possible.

If you had missed it, Square Enix had recently released another Final Fantasy XVI trailer:

Final Fantasy XVI will feature six different realms, which seem to function as both areas of the map and royal factions. The franchise is making a return to its medieval roots, a departure from both settings seen in FF XV and VII remake.

The Summons, a franchise staple, are making a return under the name of Eikon. These Eikons seem to have a connection to the different realms in the world and are used by the Dominants, their vessels.

The Standard and Deluxe editions of Final Fantasy XVI were revealed earlier. The game will be released exclusively on Playstation 5, but that will likely be a timed-exclusivity deal, similarly to what Square Enix did with Final Fantasy XV and FF VII.

If you’d like to know more about the game, the official website has a lot more information on the characters and the world of Valisthea.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released June 22nd, 2023.