Nintendo Direct is Coming on June 18, Lasting ‘Roughly 40 Minutes’

nintendo direct june

In a new post on X, Nintendo finally confirmed concrete details for the anticipated June Direct showcase, now scheduled for June 18, 2024.

The post reiterates that this livestream will focus on games “coming in the second half of 2024.” It will premiere at 7 AM pacific time, and the event will last “roughly 40 minutes.”

Fans can wait for the event thanks to YouTube’s premiere feature. This sometimes features a revealing description. However, this one only includes the same information as the post.

The event description on YouTube also confirms again that “there will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch successor during this presentation.”

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa previously confirmed this when announcing that the Direct was coming this month.

However, Furukawa has said that Nintendo plans to reveal the Switch successor sometime during this fiscal year. Nintendo also confirmed that the next Switch device will not be a completely new type of console.

There is currently no update on the games coming to the Nintendo Direct this June. Fans are already speculating on the potential lineup.

For example, mobile card game Pokémon TCG Pocket was confirmed for 2024 last February. However, the next major installment in that franchise is likely reserved for the new Switch device, since Legends Z-A is coming in 2025.

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  1. The only rumor I heard was a new Zelda other than that I hope some good stuff is there hopefully finally Mega Man, new Castlevania finally, maybe Final Fantasy 9 remake? Other than those not sure what else will be there maybe F-Zero GX, House Of The Dead 2 remake, possibly Sonic Heroes remake. Maybe Metroid Prime 4 but I still think that’s coming next console more likely I guess Prime 2 and 3 are more likely. Maybe just maybe Capcom shows off something Power Stone.

    1. Metroid Prime 4 will be here maybe the remasters too. Platinum Games might be working on Astral Chain 2 but that could be for the next console. I’m more curious what that line up of launch titles will be there’s more mystery behind those. Potentially more GameCube remakes maybe finally a port or remake of Mario Galaxy 2 and if they remake that might as well remake 1. Eternal Darkness could be coming next gen, F-Zero will be here in some capacity, Fire Emblem too.

    2. Metroid, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, and F-Zero will be here. I don’t know about third party maybe Final Fantasy Tactics?

  2. The rumors were true but what do they show? The best thing would be hype for a later Direct setting up the Switch 2 and the launch titles. Maybe Bandai Namco shows the Shonen Jump crossover game here and it turns out to be a platform fighter from Ganbarion that’s the best thing they could do. Maybe a tease at Kingdom Hearts 4 on Switch 2 but that’s even less likely.

    1. I don’t even know if they’ll make one? Arc System I assume will reveal something next year or if you’re lucky late this year and I don’t think CyberConnect2 is working on anything like that since they’re working on Demon Slayer, and Spike Chunsoft will be busy with Sparking Zero. If there is nothing it’s a big fumble from Bandai Namco but they’ve had some very bad people feeding them bad information if Tekken 8 DLC flops they might wake up.

    2. Those companies really need to be pestered by their fanbases if their next projects flop maybe then they reprioritize projects. Over at Bandai if Tekken DLC continues to underperform even with a guest reveal they’ll reassess it and Square has to have another loss with Life Is Strange. Kingdom Hearts 4 doesn’t sound good right now since they want the first big reveal to be more Disney with Moana instead of focusing on the existing story with Quadratum and Yozora can guarantee the D23 reveal if it happens won’t be good. Square may want to rush some sort of Kingdom Hearts side story or prequel game out to gain fan interest back.

  3. Zelda will be here, Star Fox, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, and Metroid. Midori claims this will be peak. I don’t know what will make it peak unless that unfounded rumor about Smash Bros being announced is true and Ryu Hyabusa is joining the next game in addition to everyone from the last game staying.

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