Alone in the Dark 2024 Developer Pieces Interactive Shut Down

alone in the dark Pieces Interactive layoffs

The official website for developer Pieces Interactive reveals that Alone in the Dark 2024 reimagining was their “last release,” confirming the studio will shut down.

The site also posted an image citing the studio’s years of activity lasting from 2007 to 2024. This included the message “thanks for playing with us.”

However, the page does not give an official statement regarding the shutdown itself. Instead, it mentions its long history of clients, titles, and the Embracer Group acquisition.

Besides Alone in the Dark, fans will recognize Pieces Interactive for their work on the Titan Quest and Magicka series.

The studio’s take on Alone in the Dark launched in March 2024 to solid reviews. It started with Mostly Positive on Steam, and still has a user score of 7.5 on Metacritic.

However, just one month ago, Embracer Group said that Pieces Interactive’s Alone in the Dark title failed to meet expectations, which may have contributed to getting shut down.

In an earnings report, Embracer stated the game had a “mixed reception from critics and ultimately performed below management expectations.”

Embracer Group also laid off employees at Pieces Interactive in April 2024. This occurred around the same time that Embracer split into three different companies.

Embracer did not give an immediate statement after laying off staff at Pieces Interactive in April, nor about the developer getting shut down this month.

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