Capcom Fans Want a New Dino Crisis Game More Than Any Other Title

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In a recent super-sized survey conducted by Capcom, a whopping 254,148 people gave their feedback on the company, the line-up of titles under the Capcom banner, and the future of the brand. The ‘Capcom Super Elections’ was a global undertaking, with people from a staggering 220 countries voting on various questions and propositions.

One key question was written to ask Capcom fans worldwide what series they’d ‘like to see get a sequel or new game’, and Dino Crisis won by almost 20,000 votes.

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Shinji Mikami’s Dino Crisis hasn’t been seen since 2003 when the third (and currently final) core game in the series was released. Since then, it has remained one of the most-requested titles when it comes to remakes and remasters. In the Capcom Super Elections survey, fans were asked what series they wanted to see get a sequel, and Dino Crisis landed the winning spot with 80,769 votes.

In second place came Mega Man with 63,395 votes, then Devil May Cry with 60,371 votes.

One question asked users which Capcom games they liked the best, and in second place sat Dino Crisis, coming in closely behind Devil May Cry 5 and just ahead of Resident Evil 4. Despite not being seen for more than twenty years, Dino Crisis still holds a firm place in the hearts of gamers worldwide.

Elsewhere in the survey, it was revealed that DMC’s Dante is the all-time favourite character of Capcom fans everywhere, while 156,870 people said they seek ‘exhilarating gameplay’ when picking up a Capcom title.

The full results can be seen here.

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  1. Mega Man first Battle Network, Starforce, and Legends, Viewtiful Joe, Power Stone, Killer7, Gotcha Force, Auto Modellista, Haunting Grounds, and Under The Skin for me also yeah Dino Crisis but they need to remake it properly. Same with Haunting Grounds don’t RE4 it actually do it Justice keep it offensive and scary. Also wouldn’t mind new Vs games Kodansha vs Capcom, Capcom vs SNK 3, Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2, Shonen Jump vs Capcom, Sega vs Capcom, and just because DC vs Capcom. Legends needs a remake though 1 & 2 on Nintendo.

  2. If Capcom wants to make money stop listening to Maximilian Dood and stop working with him. Notice he doesn’t face band or lawsuits for playing mods or paying for one. Maybe if Street Fighter 6 tanks or more so the Terry DLC bombs they finally stop working with the clown. The guy encouraged all the problems the company has like t he politics.

  3. It’s on the list but there’s other things too Okami for sure, Viewtiful Joe, Mega Man Legends remake and 3, Onimusha, Power Stone 3 which I think is happening, Haunting Grounds needs a remake keeping the boob physics, Under The Skin getting a new game would be great and an online mode, Gotcha Force too. Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force coming back would be awesome too and a Legends anime. Resident Evil 1, 0, Code Veronica, Revelations 1 and 2 all need remakes too and honestly I think it’s time the story wrap up with 10 just end on an even number and X is good.

  4. Street Fighter 6 looks like it’s not performing up to expectations so I could see them pulling the plug on that finally and moving towards stuff like this and hopefully Power Stone again.

  5. What happened to the rumored Mega Man game from a few years ago? There was also a rumor that Shinji Mikami was working with Platinum to remake a Capcom title possibly Dino Crisis is that happening.

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