Claimed Images of Early Spider-Man 3 Build Appear Online

spider-man 3

In October 2023, Spider-Man 2 was released on PlayStation 5 to an overwhelmingly popular reception, quickly becoming regarded as one of the platform’s top games. However, shortly after, a massive leak occurred at Insomniac Games, Spider-Man’s developer, revealing a sizeable portion of the studios’ roadmap, developing projects, cut content, and much more.

Recently, images started appearing online of an early Spider-Man 3 build, and the claim is that they’re ‘leftover images’ from the original leaks that surfaced in December 2023.

Spider-Man 3 Confirmed?

It seems obvious that a third Spider-Man game will surface – but fans are still awaiting any major expansions for the second game that was released a little more than seven months ago. On social media, a string of images have surfaced showing what’s purported to be Spider-Man 3 – but they don’t show much. They’re a little rough around the edges, which is to be expected, and they appear to reveal Silk as a core playable character in the game.

Canonically, Cindy ‘Silk’ Moon was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, but she develops slightly different abilities, such as ‘Silk-Sense’, which is, as the story goes, more advanced than Parker’s Spider-Sense. She can also create her own organic webbing, circumventing the need to have web blasters attached to her wrists. In some stories, Silk has an otherworldly connection to Peter Parker on account of them being bitten by the same spider, and as such, she can detect his presence anywhere across the Multiverse.

Aside from that, the images show little more than a few landscapes and some posed shots of Silk zipping around the city. It was noted that she’s using Miles Morales’ moveset in these images because it’s such an early build.

It’s worth taking these images with a pinch of salt – the Insomniac leaks revealed one hell of a lot of content, but that doesn’t mean that anything claimed to be linked with it is immediately real.

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  1. It just like Mikes Morales not Silk. What we need is Spider-Man 2 DLC and a leak for that also Venom. We already know Wolverine is a year or 2 out and then Spider-Man 3 will be a launch title. I hope they finally kill Peter off and have Miles replace him in 3 or take inspiration from the Clone Saga and follow through with Peter moving to Portland to pursue a job as a college professor. Miles could easily defeat a symbiote and Green Goblin in the comics unlike Peter so it makes more sense having him instead of Peter.

  2. When’s the release? When’s DLC, when’s Venom, and when does the next game release?

  3. I hope they make Peter the villain in this game and Cindy takes over and yes portray him as a creep a hero gone bad something many are dealing with now.

  4. We need a faithful Spider-Man 2099 game based on the 90’s comic and a Scarlet Spider game based on the Chris Yost comic.

  5. The leak regarding Silk would be accurate since she was teased at the end of the 2nd game but I expected to potentially see her in the DLC unless they really want to wait until Spiderman 3 to have her implemented.

    I do find it a shame though that we’re including more Spider people. It’s a shame when Spiderman is involved we can’t seem to just have Spiderman and instead HAVE to include multiversal stuff or a bunch of whole other characters. Would’ve been nice to have a trilogy of games, like Arkham, which was solely focused on Spiderman.

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