Sea of Thieves Player Count Dropping Fast on PS5

sea of thieves

In a recent report, it was claimed that 58% of Sea of Thieves’ PlayStation 5 player base decided to make port and retire from sailing the ocean less than a month after the game was released on the platform. This news comes just days after it was revealed that Sea of Thieves was the most downloaded game on PlayStation in North America and Europe through May.

Is this high-rated live-service title already at risk of failing after appearing on an all-new platform?

Sinking Ships

In a report written by TrueTrophies using data from GameInsights, it was suggested that a whopping 58% of all Sea of Thieves players migrated away from the title within one month. It was recognised that the game had a strong start on the platform, but that was likely on account of it being the first time Sea of Thieves surfaced on PlayStation since being released in 2018. It was the latest in a modest line of Xbox-exclusive games to be ported to PlayStation platforms, joining the likes of Grounded and Pentiment.

There’s a natural lifecycle that plays out with every game, and a drop is expected, but almost 60% of players evacuating a live-service game in just a couple of weeks is fairly drastic.

Sea of Thieves is getting on in years but it continues to be updated with a regular cadence that keeps a core community connected and appreciative of the game. Several major changes just unravelled within the game’s ecosystem, and there are no indications that Rare – the game’s developer – will be done with it any time soon.

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  1. Does Microsoft shut down Rare now? This and Everwild maybe they should have shut them down instead of Tango you know a studio who could actually deliver.

  2. Sea of thieves is an acquired taste. It’s not action packed. It’s a lifestyle. The drop is probably from people having misperceived expectations. You will probably see the drops a lot less drastic as time goes on and core of PS players who love it, stick with it.

  3. I find Sea of Thieves is kind of boring playing by yourself but an absolute blast when playing with friends and working together as a crew. I think it’s understandable the drop in numbers.

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