Nintendo Says New Switch Console Isn’t A Brand New Platform

New Nintendo Switch 2 Console

When Nintendo officially reveals the Nintendo Switch 2, or whatever its called, later this fiscal year, it’s not going to be an entirely new type of system. In fact, it’s going to be pretty similar, in some ways at least, to the current Nintendo Switch.

During Nintendo’s annual investors meeting on Tuesday, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about the new console. Specifically, he was asked if it was an brand new system or something akin to the original Nintendo Switch.

“Switch next model is the appropriate way to describe it,” Furukawa said.

As far as that next Switch model, more and more details have continued to come out about the system. It’s been reported that it will be built primarily with Samsung components, the Joy-Con controllers will connect differently, and that it will be backwards compatible with current Switch games.

It’s also expected to be another hybrid console that can support up to 4K resolution when docked.

As always, none of the reports one the console have been announced by Nintendo or independently verified by Insider Gaming. For now, take them with a grain of salt.

What do you think about the new Nintendo Switch 2 being said to be more of a build on top of the original as opposed to an entirely new platform?

  1. The 3DS was also a “next generation” model of an existing console, was backwards compatible, and fairly successful. If the “Switch 2” is the 3DS of the Switch, I expect I’ll be happy with it.

    1. Absolutely! If the new switch could be handheld and simultaneously stream a separate screen to a nearby dock/tv, you could play games like Nintendo land with friends, or emulate the entire DS library of games. My family still keeps the WiiU connected for frequent hilarious Mario Chase, Sweet Day and Luigi’s Ghost mansion parties.

      1. On second thoughts, scratch that.

        The Wii Switch U 2 Nintendo(tm).

        (We Switch You To Nintendo).

        I patent this name. Nintendo don’t you steal my name.

  2. “It’s also expected to be another hybrid console that can support up to 4K resolution when docked.”…… LOL
    Sure, and also makes a Nespresso cafe e dry your clothes

  3. Makes sense. The 3DS was built upon the DS, which was built upon the GBA, which was built upon the GBC, which was built upon the original Gameboy. Sooo… yeah, I feel like this lineage can work.

  4. I feel like the console companies are all missing a trick by failing to co-opt the ubiquitous smart phones and tablets that are in every home. We could have had true dual screen gaming for years. Especially now that android handhelds and controllers like the Razer Kishi are common.

    They should have a standard controller and then either a telescopic controller that fits around your phone/tablet, or make a telescopic frame that clips joycons to the side’s. Then a mix of companion android apps for each game, or duplicated android ports that come with the Nintendo game, or just streaming from the box, depending on use case.

    I want to play an RPG on the Tv,but have the map/quest log in the middle of my controller, and be able to quick select all the different consumables in the mmiddle of real time combat from a touch screen array.

    Or a big, usable rear view mirror in racing games.

    It opens up all kinds of possibilities for asymmetrical multiplayer, or co-pilot style cooperative gaming.

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