Nintendo Switch 2 Will Be Backwards Compatible And Support 4K, It’s Claimed

Nintendo Switch 2 Backwards Compatible

Rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2 continue to come out. This time, the information from peripheral maker Mobapad about the Nintendo Switch 2’s Joy-Con controllers, backwards compatibility plans, and 4K resolution support.

First, as a follow up to reports about the new Nintendo Switch 2 Joy-Cons would use magnets to connect to the console, Mobapad has more information about the controllers and what it all means.

“In the process of developing the next-generation console controller, Mobapad has also acquired a lot of firsthand information about the Switch 2, and now we’re here to share it with everyone,” they said.

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According to the company, the new Joy-Cons have a “larger volume” and will use what’s called magnetic suction to attach to the console in handheld mode.

“Magnetic suction is achieved through electromagnetic suction technology, controlled by electric current,” they said.

In addition to how they connect to the system, the new controllers will feature metal SL and SR buttons as well as a third button on both the left and right side. Last-gen Joy-Cons, the company says, will still work on the new system in a wireless capacity.

More Features Of The Nintendo Switch 2

Aside from the controller news, Mobapad also gave out more information about the new Nintendo Switch console.

According to the company, the Switch 2 will support backwards compatibility for physical games allowing original Switch games to be played on the new console. It’s also said that the Switch 2 will support 4K resolution when docked. In handheld mode, the console will feature an 8-inch display with a 1080p resolution.

As always, none of this information has been confirmed by Nintendo, so take all rumors with a grain of salt. That said, as the console’s likely reveal inches closer, it seems that more and more information will continue to leak out.

The Nintendo Switch 2, or whatever the company names the system, is rumored to launch in early 2025.

What do you think of the latest Nintendo Switch 2 backwards compatibility and 4K resolution claims? For more Insider Gaming, check out every game that was shown during the April 2024 ID@Xbox Showcase.

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