Nintendo Switch 2 to Launch Q1 2025, Report Claims

switch 2

It has been claimed in a recent report that the Nintendo Switch 2 (not the confirmed name) could be launching in Q1 2025 and not late 2024, as originally believed. This report comes from Brazilian journalist, Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe (thanks to VGC), who claims that he has corroborated the information between five separate sources.

It was said that developers are working on games that are targeting Q1 2025, and they’re planning to launch them alongside the Switch 2 itself – putting two and two together produces the suggestion that the next flagship console from Nintendo will drop in around 12 months.

Later Than Expected

In the coverage provided by VGC, it was said that sources close to the publication ‘indicated’ that they were working on Switch 2 games ‘planned for release early next year’. There are expectations that more information will be gleaned during an upcoming financial update from Nintendo, which is set to be relased in May 2024.

Here’s the full video that VGC dug up – but it’s not in English:

Not much is known about the next Nintendo console at the moment – not even the name. Recently, we learned that certain Xbox titles are set to make their way onto other platforms – including Nintendo devices – and that Microsoft intends to honour the pledge to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo platforms too.

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