Players Are Refunding Stellar Blade Under False Advertisement Claims

stellar blade refunds

The PlayStation Store will seemingly issue a refund for digital copies of Stellar Blade if the reason is for false advertisement.

The proof, first posted on Asmongold’s subreddit, shows a refund being issued. While the image doesn’t state the reason for the refund, the user who posted it says they got it by using false advertising as the reason.

Over the weekend, players took to social media to complain about apparent censorship in an outfit of Eve’s within the game. The outfit, a one-piece bathing suit, saw Eve’s chest covered a bit more as well as her hips. It’s gotten so much attention that there is even a petition with nearly 50,000 signatures to remove the “censorship”.

For what it’s work, the game’s director says that the costume that is there now is the “final costume” the studio wanted in the first place. He added that he knows “this answer is not enough to convince our user” and that there “is an internal discussion ongoing”.

Despite this “controversy” with the game, it has reportedly sold well. Zubytech took to Twitter to show early sales returns with a belief that the game would hit 1 million copies sold in its first 24 hours. As of writing, there’s been no official announcement from developer ShiftUp on early sales numbers for the game.

What do you think of players getting refunds for Stellar Blade under the the claims of false advertisement? For more Insider Gaming, read about the latest on the Escape from Tarkov Unheard Edition and the changes Battlestate Games is making.

  1. Good how about not buying the game all together? If you hate Sony so much you shouldn’t have bought a PS5.

    1. You’re missing the point. It’s about pushing back against censorship and products being unnecessarily watered down.

      1. Really now, just because of lying ShiftUp should suffer? Because they are the one that get hit the most. Sony don’t give a sh** about the refunds. PS+ cancel would be a somewhat meaningful thing in this regard. I for one don’t really care, just because of some lying and altering polygons i will not refund it. I have my fun with this game and will play it untill my thumbs fall of. Besides censorship will always be a thing and never change. It was a mistake from ShiftUp to advertise zero censorship in all regions (that’s impossible anyway).

  2. Many of the dismissive types claim it is not a big deal that they made miniscule changes. Then you must ask yourself why did they feel the need to change it in the first place? Why put in the extra effort to change/censor something which other people may find trivial or find barely noticeable? If you will not really see it or it does not impact anything whatsoever; why then make these post hoc changes to the outfits the dev team at Shift Up created?

    The developers made a definitive statement on their twitter page 5 days before launch that the game would be uncensored in all regions. Then on launch day a patch is applied to remove a vaguely racist slur while also covering up/altering outfits for no reason aside from activism. This only seems to happen to eastern games as well, because western games could have nudity and softcore adult scenes and face zero censorship. This false advertising is primarily why people are making this into a big deal, and people are tired of censorship of their media.

  3. Shouldn’t have bought the game to begin with. This could be another fumble on Sony’s behalf. Since Spider-Man 2 it feels like it’s dry there’s really no other games on PS5 that justify owning one. Sony might want to announce Spider-Man 2 DLC soon that might garner some interest a new Miles Morales story.

  4. These guys could have been the perfect studio to take on Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive. All we needed was Itagaki.

  5. It’s technically true and should work. If people bought the physical disk, they don’t have to update the game and play it as originally designed, those who bought the digital copy are screwed with the censored version. Also to note there is more then 1 outfit changed, and in-game billboard was changed and there’s less gore that lands on Eve when defeating enemies.

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