Tekken 8 Roadmap For Free Updates Revealed With Season 1 Trailer

Lidia Tekken 8

In a new post on Twitter today, the official Tekken feed revealed a roadmap for free upcoming updates coming to Tekken 8. Bandai Namco also released a cinematic and gameplay trailer for season 1.

The roadmap doesn’t include any concrete dates for each update, but it does break things down into seasons. There will be battle balancing adjustments this spring, “coming soon.”

In summer 2024, Tekken 8 will introduce the new stage Seaside Resort and a Photo Mode. But one of the biggest highlights from today’s announcement was the tease for a new chapter in the main story. The next chapter will arrive in autumn 2024, alongside Online Practice and Ghost vs Ghost features.

Since spring is wrapping up in late June, it’s surprising the Tekken 8 roadmap didn’t offer a release date for the balancing changes yet. Bandai Namco should announce something official relatively soon. It’s unclear if the devs plan to adjust the entire roster or just some noticeable fighters.

Today’s season 1 trailer closed out strong by revealing that Lidia is returning as a playable character in Tekken 8. While there isn’t a release date yet, she will be available sometime this summer. Lidia was a fan favorite character in Tekken 7, which released back in 2015.

Tekken 8 launched in January 2024 to rave reviews from critics and longtime fans alike. In February, Bandai Namco revealed that Tekken 8 reached 2 million copies sold in its first month.

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  1. Will this season have a guest character and if so who? If not then when? Hopefully the dlc wraps up the story better I wish they didn’t do this. At least MK 11 wrapped its story up well then did the free aftermath now Tekken and probably MK 1 will charge you for extra story that probably should have been there to begin with.

    1. These companies are getting greedier again. The problem is people may actually be buying into it. I don’t know about mk but capcom is boosting their expectations for this quarter so sf6 and potentially dragons dogma have been doing better than expected. T8 I have no idea if people are buying into this the same way supposedly I heard mk was hurting but they claim otherwise. The only way to stop it is if people finally stop supporting this. Stop buying all the greedy dlc.

  2. This is boring! Hurry and add Yujiro Hanma from Baki we need that monster in this game especially the story mode like Akuma was. A proper explanation of Heihachi’s “daughter” is what’s really needed because she’s way too young to be Kazuya’s full sister so why does she have the devil power? But Yujiro In Tekken comes first!

    1. Yes! We need Yujiro. Honestly I’d be fine with a whole Baki pack. Baki, Yujiro, Pickle, and Biscuit. Harada needs to stop trolling and show the rest of Tekken 8 DLC already.

    2. Guest characters are what made Tekken 7 a big deal having Akuma in the base roster and story was epic then Noctis, Geese, and I didn’t like Neagan but he was there. It’s clear they don’t know what they’re doing and let things get to their heads with the whole Battle Pass and story DLC thing. Not to mention a DLC pass without guests is going to underperform for sure with the mainstream. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are suffering from similar tactics this is how the FGC dies.

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