Monster Hunter Stories 1 Remaster Trophy List – All 51 Trophies

Here are all 51 trophies in Monster Hunter Stories 1—Warning, spoilers ahead. There are 39 bronze, 9 silver, 2 gold, and 1 platinum trophy in Monster Hunter Stories 1.

Bronze Trophies

Traveler’s Charm – In recognition of your departure from Hakum and arrival in Darj Snowfields. A new journey begins here.

Guild Emblem – In recognition of your Gildegaran visit. A heavily guilded emblem.

Autumnal Bookmark – In recognition of your Oasum visit. A gloriously autumnal bookmark.

Withered Tree Branch – In recognition of your Albarax visit. A dried twig symbolic of the village.

Mineral Brooch – In recognition of your Geo-Fulkright visit. Minerals make many medals!

Cat’s Powerstone – In recognition of your visit to Koapni. A purrfectly pelagic powerstone.

Shining Kinship Stone – In recognition of completing the main story and revisiting Pondry Hills. Kinship lights the Rider’s way.

Wood Medal – In recognition of completing at least one Subquest. Good job, but you’ve still got a long way to go!

Copper Medal – In recognition of your completing at least 10 Subquests. Getting there, eh?

Friend of Debli – In recognition of completing the Debli Subquest and revisiting Koapni Village. Ya still don’t boogie the Poogie!

Friend of Avinia – In recognition of completing Avinia’s Subquest and revisiting Koapni Village. Mucho mutual assistance. Nice!

Friend of Reverto – In recognition of completing Reverto’s Subquest and revisiting Reverto’s house. Learning the Hunter’s way…

Friend of Simone – In recognition of completing Simone’s Subquest and revisiting the Scriveners. The endless pursuit of the unknown!

Friend of The Channeler – In recognition of completing The Channeler’s Subquest and revisiting the Darj Mountain Cabins. A new Riddle Master!

Beautiful Tree Branch – In recognition of revisiting Albarax after fully restoring it. A leafy twig symbolic of the village.

A Mewing (?) Barrel – In recognition of saving at least 10 Barrel Felynes. Roll out the barrel…

Gambler’s Shield – In recognition of consecutive Head-to-Head wins. Headbanger!

Coordination Shield – In recognition of executing a Double Attack. Keep up the great teamwork!

Kinship Shield –
For executing at least 10 Kinship Skills successfully. United in victory.

Supreme Crest – For obtaining S Rank in at least 50 battles. A crest to commemorate your style.

Mark of the First Cry – In recognition of hatching an egg. A broody seal for the mother in all of us.

Courier Master’s Statue – For acquiring at least 50 eggs from Monster’s Dens. Peerless in your pilfering.

Inheritance Token – For performing the Rite of Channeling. Evidence of your excellent erudition.

Ancient Bingo Card – For achieving bingo in the Rite of Channeling. Magnify those Monsties!

Great Sword Trophy – For making a Great Sword. Slice, slash, sever, stab.

Sword & Shield Trophy – For making a Sword & Shield. Intense combos for your delectation.

Hammer Trophy – For making a Hammer. Try its heavy strikes for-not-on-yourself.

Hunting Horn Trophy – For making a Hunting Horn. Play yourself an itty bitty ditty.

Amor Trophy – For making a set of armor. Trust in it, you made it, after all…

Egg Cup – For completing an egg from fragments. A golden egg off success.

Ruby Crystal – For acquiring a Ritual Item. Monstie power in crimson form.

Bronze Lunar Cup – For winning Bronze at the Rider Arena. Good, but it’s not silver…

Silver Star Cup – For winning Silver at the Rider Arena. Good, but it’s not gold…

Golden Sun Cup – For winning Gold at the Rider Arena. Good, but it’s not Platinum…

Silver Forager’s Badge –
For gathering items at least 100 times. The embodiment of insatiable curiosity.

Monstie Adventure Tales – For an Awesome Expedition Party result. Illegible Monstie scribbles.

Catavaner’s Cap – For riding the Catavan at least 10 times. A cap brimming with Catavnaer pride.

Angler’s Statue – For a Great fishing result at least 10 times. See things from a different angle.

Silver Trophies

Silver Medal – In recognition of your completing at least 100 Subquests. Better than all the rest!

Secret Scroll of Bonds – In recognition of defeating the monster on the highest floor of The Tower of Illusion. You conquered the summit!

Secret Scroll of Adventures – In recognition of defeating the boss of the Shadow Labyrinth. A-mazingly good!

Victor’s Crest – In recognition of winning at least 500 battles. For those who seldom know defeat.

Top Rider Prize – For raising a Monstie to Level 99. Pushing limits to their, err, limits!

Battle Gear Royalty – For acquiring a rarity 7 weapon or armor. A kingly achievement indeed!

Accessory Royalty – For Acquiring a rarity 8 accessory. A queenly achievement indeed!

Combination Cookbook – For collecting all recipes. Proof of your mastery over all items.

Platinum Paradise Cup – For winning Platinum at the Rider Arena. Now this really IS good!

Zenny-Pinching Pouch – For accumulating at least 1,000,000z. Next round of bumblepumpkins is on you!

Gold Trophies

Encyclopoogia – For finding and talking to all of the lost Poogies around the world. A compilation of blood, sweat & oinks.

Monster Encyclopedia –
For slaying every kind of monster. Filled with info about all sorts of monsters.

Platinum Trophy

Master Rider – Obtained all trophies.

Monster Hunter Stories 1 launches on Switch, PS4, and Steam on 14th June.

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