Tekken 8 Reaches 2 Million Copies Sold in Its First Month

In a new Twitter post, the official Tekken account has revealed that Tekken 8 has now sold 2 million copies worldwide since release.

Tekken 8 first launched exactly one month ago, on January 26th. It released to strong reviews from critics and fans alike. It is currently rated over an 8 among both audiences on Metacritic.

In a new press release, the developers also announced further Tekken 8 support ahead. This will include “various content updates, esports events, music and licensing announcements”.

Today’s press release points out that Tekken 8’s performance “greatly outpaces its predecessor”.

The devs built a lot of buzz early on when they announced new modes alongside the original demo. The new Arcade Quest mode is a smart way to combine nostalgia with practicality.

It also adds that “As part of regular updates, the Tekken Shop will make its way into the game”. This will allow players to invest in more cosmetics, including “licensed items from our collaborations”.

Bandai Namco did not confirm which collaborations could be on the way. However, there are certainly plenty of opportunities, and fans are already speculating.

In the meantime, competitors in the genre like Mortal Kombat 1 are also adding new features. Later this week, the game plans to release ‘Krossplay’ support on February 28th.

However, Tekken 8 continues to expand its ongoing narrative, and it maintains its own distinguishable style.

Fans can also look forward to the Tekken World Tour 2024. The event will begin on April 13th, continuing the same structure that Tekken 7 fans enjoyed. There will be competitions across the world, where players must earn points to reach the finals.

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