Tekken 8 Demo Announced, New Modes Explained

Tekken 8 King In Ring

Tekken 8 will officially release a demo for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam according to a new tweet. The demo is coming to PlayStation early on December 14th, while Xbox and Steam users will have to wait until December 21st.

This demo will feature the first chapter of the story, titled “The Dark Awakens”, as well as local versus mode. It’s an exciting follow-up to the Closed Beta that rolled out last October.

Tekken 8 has already built a lot of buzz with a series of dedicated character trailers. The roster looks promising, with a decent variety of new characters and returning favorites.

By now, players already know quite a lot about Tekken 8. But a new PlayStation blog has explained even more details today, regarding the fresh Arcade Quest mode and the returning Tekken Ball mode.

Arcade Quest is built to help players improve, as they lead an avatar of themselves throughout different arcades and aim to become a champion.

This is sort of an unexpected sim experience, with its own story that beefs up Tekken 8’s content.

It’s also a clever way to create something equally nostalgic and practical. Arcade Quest is a neat throwback to old school gaming culture.

But it’s also an efficient way to learn and practice for competitive gameplay, similar to the upcoming Super Ghost Battles.

Meanwhile, Tekken 3’s classic minigame Tekken Ball will basically operate the same as before when it returns in Tekken 8.

Xbox and Steam fans may be disappointed they’ll have to wait a bit longer for the demo. But the original Tekken arcade games were first ported to PlayStation, and quickly became a staple of the console.

Tekken 8 will launch on January 26th, 2024, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

For more on the latest Tekken news, you can read about some of the new Tekken 8 characters that were revealed last month.

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