Every GTA 6 Trailer So Far (Including Parodies)

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be at the forefront of our minds until it’s finally released at some point in 2025. Rockstar Games dropped the game’s first trailer recently, and since then, fans of the legendary franchise have busied themselves scraping every single reference and cameo out of the minute-and-a-half of footage.

Others have tasked themselves with creating ‘alternative versions’ of the trailer. On YouTube and social media platforms, we’ve seen some pretty hilarious – or ambitious – renditions of the GTA 6 trailer surface.

Check them out below.

All The GTA 6 Parody Trailers

Here’s the breakdown of the best GTA 6 trailers to land online since the official trailer went live.

GTA 6 Minecraft Trailer

On YouTube, creator ‘EvilGame’ spent hours painstakingly crafting a Minecraft parody of the GTA 6 trailer.

Click this link to see the finished product on Instagram.

GTA 6 Trailer in GTA Online

It’s a little more chaos-filled than the official trailer, but this GTA Online-based rendition of the GTA 6 trailer by Mors Mutual Insurance is almost scene-for-scene perfect.

GTA 6 But It’s In GTA 5

In one of the most faithful recreations, we see ‘Final Flame Productions’ rebuild the GTA 6 trailer in GTA 5, and it’s probably one of the most accurate parodies available.

GTA 6 on PS1

In a hilarious twist, ‘Jushton’ uploaded the GTA 6 trailer as if it had been created for the PlayStation 1. It’s a short clip that lasts just twenty-three seconds, but it’s absolutely fantastic.

The GTA 6 Trailer

And of course, this breakdown wouldn’t be complete without the official GTA 6 trailer.

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