The Evolution of Video Games: A Journey Through History

A video game is any game where you interact with a machine or device through a user interface. Video games span genres like action, sports, racing, adventure, role-playing, and simulations. A video game gives you room to experience much more than you will experience playing a physical game, so it is an exciting and worthwhile source of leisure. Online casinos have come to understand the appeal of video games and have incorporated a lot of video gaming into online gambling. You would have an absolute blast playing free spins on popular pokies. The diversified video games we have today are a product of numerous changes and inventions. Improvements in video games are primarily dependent on new technologies.

Arcade Games

The development of video games can be traced back to the 70s when arcade games started gaining popularity. These games were primarily single-player games with stories that require you to survive as long as you can or complete as many tasks as possible within a time frame. It is usually a big standing machine that requires you to insert coins to play each round. One of the most popular choices in this era of gaming was Pong, a simplified version of table tennis developed by Atari. Today, players can try modern pong slots at online casinos. It is helpful to look through the updated list of the best online casinos in Australia, find your favourite slots, and maybe even try pong in one. 

Each player rotates their controllers to move the paddles to hit the ball, and a point is awarded to your opponent if you can’t return the ball. Pong was unique because it was a multiplayer game and had advanced graphics for a game in the 70s. It was such a success that it led to the creation of more arcade games and, ultimately, the development of the arcade industry.


Arcade games were slowly phased out after the introduction of consoles to the gaming world. Consoles have been around since the 80s and have only grown in influence because of the amount of effort developers have invested into maintaining their appeal. Consoles were preferable to arcade games because they were more accessible, and each could play multiple games. Super Mario Bros and the Legend of Zelda are a few games widely played during this period.

Desktop Gaming

At a point during the development of personal computers (in the 90s), game developers began to explore their use for gaming. It was feasible because desktops had dropped to affordable prices and had improved in performance then. Desktop gaming has evolved to a stage in close competition with modern consoles. Today’s most successful gaming companies try to create versions of their game for desktops and consoles. The evolution of computers played an active role in developing PC gaming. 

Online Gaming

When game developers incorporated the internet into their creations, online gaming developed in the latter half of the 20th century; before the internet, players could only play against one another from the same computer or gaming device, but now anyone can play from anywhere. In order to stay up with the trend, consoles also began to provide online gaming, which is why internet gaming is now a typical feature in video games today. By offering a significant platform for talent to battle against one another, online gaming has also contributed to an increase in global rivalry.


Characters and settings in two-dimensional game designs were less visually appealing than those in modern games before the mid-1990s. To enhance the gaming experience, developers began working on 3D games, but the main obstacle was meeting the system requirements because the games needed more processing power to run. This is less of a problem today, as computers are far more potent than they were, and games allow you to customise the world to your computer’s capabilities.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has come a long way from old classics like Bounce and Snake games on Java phones to modern hits like Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) and Subway Surfers. When mobile phones became more available in the 2000s, the earliest models did not contain any games. However, mobile gaming grew exponentially after a few hits because phones are more accessible than PCs, so they can readily provide entertainment. Although they may not be directly linked, most games on consoles and desktops today also have a mobile version. 

Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality, or VR, is a breakthrough in tech that has been adopted for many purposes, including gaming. It is a leap off the 3D gaming invention where you can experience a 3D environment in first person instead of viewing as a person through a screen. Virtual reality presents 3-dimensional visuals and audio that spikes up the realism in your gaming experience. VR also allows you to manipulate objects in the virtual space with controllers and motion trackers. VR hopes to advance to levels where virtual spaces feel close to reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality AR is the halfway point between VR and reality that fuses your real-time experience with some digital elements. It provides more information about your environment by adding computer-generated information for an enhanced experience. While VR completely immerses you in a world of fantasy in a digital space, AR allows you to relate to both the virtual and real world. A famous example of an Augmented Reality game is Pokémon Go.

Modern World of Video Gaming

Since the era of arcade games, video games were created for relaxation and still serve that purpose, but modern gaming is more than that now.

  • The gaming industry is closely related to the entertainment industry as the best movies and anime develop into games, and games also inspire movies. Games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox combine Virtual Reality and blockchain technology. Video games have way more cultural value than they used to have.
  • The increase in video gaming has also led to electronic sports or esports, where professional gamers compete for prizes. Professionals who don’t play competitions can still make a living by creating content on streaming platforms.
  • The amount of revenue generated and invested in the gaming industry only increases yearly, and it is of economic value in countries like South Korea. Governments, game developers and other parties have invested more in video gaming because of its promising returns.


In only half a century, video gaming moved from relaxing sessions at the arcade to international competitions. The video game industry is still evolving, even at an increased pace. Gamers can look forward to seeing improvements to their favourite games or even better ones to steal their interest. 

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