EXCLUSIVE – Details on the New Action RPG by Xbox and Wu-Tang Clan

Details first emerged on Project Shaolin in October 2021 following the infamous NVIDIA leak that revealed a slew of project codenames of in-development games. One such leaked project was Shaolin, and the leak subsequently led to reports by WindowsCentral’s Jez Corden and VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb (via Game Mess) on what the game could entail and its involvement with Wu-Tang Clan.

According to both reports, the game is a third-person melee-oriented RPG complete with four-player co-op. The game was also said to heavily involve the Wu-Tang Clan members themselves with the game’s soundtrack and would feature the likes of loot, weapons, and gear from defeated enemies. According to the reports, the game is in development at Brass Lion Entertainment, a new studio formed in 2019 by Manveer Heir.

Insider Gaming can corroborate these original reports and understands that the game is currently in its Alpha stage.

The gameplay evolves around fast-paced melee combat in third-person, with a strong focus on having both music and combat intertwined. Players can choose from four different weapons that all have different and unique playstyles (single swords, dual swords, etc.). It’s understood that the game features a massive catalog of the Wu-Tang Clan’s music, most of which has been re-imagined by producer and DJ Just Blaze for the game.

The Wu-Tang Clan’s involvement goes beyond just their music, too, as all nine Wu-Tang Clan members are also playable and act as the player’s limited-time buff that will give you ultimate moves, increased health, and more.

Gathered loot and items all fit into the game’s central social hub, named the ‘Neighborhood’. Here, players will be able to sell their loot, listen to music, and show off their unique fashion choices with one another. Sources outlined that the game will be a “welcome space for all players” and will center around characters from BIPOC and historically marginalized communities.

Gameplay sent to Insider Gaming under the condition that the footage doesn’t go public and the source remains anonymous shows an animation style somewhat similar to Into The Spider-verse. For example. one front flip with a slam attack contained 7-8 frames of animation. As for the overall visuals, the game is bright, colorful, and anime-like in style. Players can explore the vast world freely, which is described as “blurring the boundaries of reality”.

Insider Gaming was unable to get an accurate release date from its sources, but gameplay suggests that the game could still be one or two years away at the very least.

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  1. No one knows these old heads they should have just made a new Def Jam with rappers of the last decade like Lil Wayne.

    1. There’s a reason they haven’t made another Def jam, rappers want too much money for their likeness, Wu Tang was probably cheap

      1. Microsoft can afford it I mean Activision got Nicki, Snoop, 21 Savage, and Epic got almost everyone in Fortnite rappers are affordable this was just a bad idea I can guarantee that someone like Kay Flock and Kodak Black would ask for less than Wu tang

      2. Bro faze and kick are signing rappers I’m pretty sure Microsoft a trillion dollar company can get them possibly for cheap I mean look content creators like NLE is in Kai vids all big rappers are affordable to them and it would have been a better idea than this which just seems confusing using modern aesthetics with old head rappers and put some respect on the young generation especially Wayne he’s the GOAT for a reason Wu Tang never came close to his greatness him, Kanye, Nas, BIG, Fab, Jay, and respect to the young guys Durk, NLE, YB, Lil Baby, Grizzly, Dababy, Kodak, EST, Uzi, and the little older crowd too like Thug, Travis, and MGK

  2. Wu-Tang? They haven’t been relevant since the 90’s make a YSL, YMCMB, MMG, CMG, Roc, GOOD, EMPIRE, 1017, OVO, type of game use modern rappers not guys who were only popular for 3 years.

  3. Sounds like def jam why didn’t they make that instead with modern rappers and feature some of the old guys like method from wu tang and snoop

  4. So is it AAA or A? This sounds like a low budget game since the studio only makes mobile games

  5. I hope EA brings Def Jam back after this because I really just can’t get down with these old heads

  6. If it’s in alpha then how far is this from reveal? What’s up with Fight Night Tom you reported a new one was being made a year ago

  7. Does this open the door for Def Jam because this sounds like a Wu Tang style anime influenced Def Jam like game. Also who’s behind this is it RZA and Cilva or does Method Man and the rest of the group approve?

  8. Why make this? Wu Tang is not relevant. They should have made a Def Jam game with the rappers of the last decade the “mumble rappers” and “sound cloud rappers” having all this in a game like that would make sense and with modern fashion brands like Supreme and Amiri. Is this game gonna have girls? Because if they did a modern Def Jam game Nicki for sure would be in and other females.

  9. Why didn’t they just bring Def Jam back? A game like this doesn’t sound like something that would sell today Wu-Tang rap is way too old for today’s generation you need younger rappers to really sell this

  10. I want to see footage if it’s in alpha I hope they reveal soon but this is a weird concept and more weird that Xbox made it. There’s other games they should have made like Cliff Bleszinski had plans for a mech dragon game that looked cool they should have made that instead and speaking of they should bring him back to reboot Gears.

  11. Sounds dope. Wu Tang have always been imaginative with their alter egos. I could see the story being interesting, moreso than people talking about using whatever rapper that is temporarily hot right now. Looking forward to gameplay reveal.

    1. Wu tang was popular for less than most recent rappers like Lil Wayne has been around for 4 decades that’s why he’s the GOAT he discovered Drake, Nicki, and Tyga and Kanye also sane thing better and bigger than Wu tang. The Chicago crew more relevant like Lil Durk and Youngboy way better than Wu tang same with others.

    2. Lil Wayne has been way more relevant than Wu-Tang ever was same for Ye, then the young guys too they deserve their respect Lil Durk, Kodak Black, XXX Tentacion, DaBaby, Lil Baby, King Von, Chief Keef, YG, Nipsey Hussle, Kay Flock, NLE Choppa, Tee Grizzley, MGK, Lil Pump, PopSmoke, Purpsmoke, JuiceWrld, Trippie Redd, Lil Darkie, Young Thug, Travis Scott, EST Gee, Migos, Scarlxrd, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, Soulja Boy, NBA YoungBoy, ItsOKToCry, Yo Gotti, Future, Tyler The Creator, Kay Flock, Gucci, Waka Flocka, Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky, Kevin Gates, French Montana, and many others and if it had modern people you’d see girls in the game too Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Rubi Rose, Glorilla, Saweetie, Iggy, Megan Thee Stallion, Megan Fox, Ice Spice, Sexy Redd, Kim Kardashian, Teanna Trump, Coi Leray, Doja Cat, Tinashe, Chloe Bailey, and just a ton more females probably the most a game has seen since Def Jam barely had any and they could do ton of things with DLC.

      1. What is the point of your post? Wu-Tang is getting an RPG. This is not a def jam fighting game so no need to mention 30 random rappers.

        1. If Microsoft is going to make a game following the culture they should do it right not this cringe. The game will feature fighting mechanics. Right now a project showcasing the under appreciated generation would be great instead of the glorified boomers who sold out especially in the case of RZA. Right now the modern artists deserve this love especially Young Thug

  12. Why not show this game if it’s in alpha? Instead of showing other games State of Decay 3, Outer Worlds 2, Perfect Dark, Fable, and Contraband especially the one still no gameplay or story shown for it

  13. Who is this game for 50 year olds like they don’t like anime they might like wu tang but not spiderverse type stuff microsoft has all this money and made this i mean like a game for the culture is cool but give the younger guts the push they deserve it they do way better and most modern rappers never got to have a game like this even someone as old as lil wayne i mean bro is the goat and but they aint put him in def jam and honoring guys who passed like von, smoke, nipsey, xxx, that would be cool

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