Exclusive – Indycar Game Status Up In The Air At Motorsport Games

Indycar Game Status Up In The Air

Yet another Motorsport Games property appears to be up in the air as concerns are rising within the company about the status of the Indycar game from the studio.

According to multiple sources, up through the recently announced layoffs, many hadn’t heard about the status of the Indycar game.

“We haven’t been shown anything new in months,” one source tells Insider Gaming.

Another added that it’s been “complete silence” over the last few weeks.

“There’s been complete silence towards the team, and everything is at a standstill now after [the layoffs],” one person said.

Insider Gaming was given new screenshots and an unreleased marketing teaser for the game back at the beginning of October.

The last that was relayed via various people at the Australian studio and other areas of the company, was that the game’s progress was quite far along and that they still expected a release in 2024 after being delayed out of 2023.

After the layoffs were made official, that appears to no longer be the case according to multiple people close to the game’s development.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen,” a person who’s worked on the game said. “The game has been playable and we like where we’ve taken it, but we don’t know if it’s going to see the light of day right now unless someone takes over.

“We just don’t know, and it’s frustrating.”

Insider Gaming has been told, similar to the NASCAR license that was recently sold to iRacing, the Indycar license is also being shopped around by Motorsport Games. The top focus of the studio has been on Le Mans Ultimate, which, at last knowledge, was expected to be released in December. That said, there’s been nothing to confirm that is still the plan after the company restructuring.

On Monday, it was announced that Motorsport Games lost the license for the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). Insider Gaming originally reported back in December 2022 that the BTCC game had “all but been canceled” despite the company’s denial at the time.

Motorsport Games is scheduled to hold its quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, November 7 where we’ll hopefully get an update on the state of all of its remaining titles.