Exclusive: New Look At IndyCar Game Screenshots and Trailer

New IndyCar Game Features, Screenshots, and Trailer

With Motorsport Games selling the exclusive NASCAR simulation license to iRacing, questions started to arrive about the state of the company’s IndyCar game. Scheduled for a 2024 release, CEO Stephen Hood said in an email to employees that the company would hold “detailed commercial evaluations are already in progress for projects like IndyCar”.

Sources say that the game’s progress is actually quite far along and remains on schedule for a release next year. However, hearing that an evaluation of the state of the game would be done did leave some within the company “worried”.

As far as how far along things are, the company has started producing more marketing materials for the game which have been sent to Insider Gaming. The source, who requested anonymity, sent over a number of new screenshots as well as a teaser trailer that has yet to be released for the IndyCar game.

Based on the trailer, the IndyCar game is still scheduled for 2024. It’ll also be available on Xbox, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

You can view them all below:

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