Is The Assassin’s Creed Modern Day Story Going to The Future?

The Assassin’s Creed franchise seems to be taking a drastic turn with its Modern Day story moving forward.

The first details on the change for the Modern Day story first appeared online 2 weeks ago, with YouTuber Sliderv2 uploading unused audio in an Assassin’s Creed Mirage datamine. If the video footage is legitimate, it suggests that the Modern Day story could be moving to the far future.

Two unnamed Animus Operators refer to the 21st century as “ancient history,” implying that the conversation takes place in the far future. In addition, “The Great Shift” is also mentioned, which seems to take place sometime in the 21st century. While Ubisoft has not commented on the legitimacy of the audio, what makes it more compelling is that the footage is under the “Neo” codename, which is Assassins’s Creed Hexe, rather than Aassassin’s Creed Red which is next in line to release.

Speaking with anonymous sources on the audio, Insider Gaming has learned that the ‘Modern Day’ story will now be set almost certainly in the future. Previously, Assassin’s Creed games would be set in their respective years of release for its Modern Day story, with the likes of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla being set in 2020 for example.

Although we were unable to verify the legitimacy of the audio footage for Hexe, we’ve learned that Assassin’s Creed Red will have significant portions of its Modern Day story set in the last decade of the 21st century (2090-2099). As such, Abstergo Industries will be getting a whole new cast of characters for players to explore.

As revealed by Vice President Executive Producer of Assassin’s Creed, Marc-Alexis Côté, the story will now be told through Infinity – With is Assassin’s Creed’s future game hub. From Infinity, players will be able to access games like Codename Red and Codename Hexe, as well as going through the ‘Modern Day’ story.

There are certainly more questions than answers at this stage, but with the Modern Day story receiving criticism for its confusing time, the story heading into the far future seems to be like a guaranteed way of giving leeway to set the narrative and direction.

Who knows, maybe “The Great Shift” is referring to Assassin’s Creed Red and its 2090 – 2099 Modern Day setting, which will set up the Modern Day story nicely for Assassin’s Creed Hexe.

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