Red Dead Redemption 3 is Likely, Says Lead Role Actor

Red Dead Redemption 2 Shootout

Roger Clark, the actor behind Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2, has hinted in a new tweet that a third installment is likely.

A fan questioned Clark directly about Arthur’s role in a potential sequel. Unfortunately, Clark replies that Arthur Morgan himself may not be involved in the story.

Despite the enormous potential, Clark stated that they feel Arthur Morgan’s “story has been told”:

Fans of the series had to wait several years for a sequel to the original game. However, there have almost been just as many years since the release of the second entry.

As the same gap quickly approaches, it would make sense for some concrete tidbits about Red Dead Redemption 3 to appear.

However, Clark does add that he has “absolutely no idea” when the third game would arrive.

It would be a shame if Arthur Morgan didn’t return. Clark’s performance was nothing short of iconic, with nuance and genuine pathos that was easily relatable.

This was a crucial part of securing an immersive experience. Although the pacing has annoyed some players, the game’s dedication to realism is the highlight for most.

Red Dead Redemption 2 also had a memorable ending, and Morgan is complex enough to continue exploring. Its themes are unforgiving, thoughtful, and cinematic enough to rival classic films of the genre.

However, it isn’t a good sign for Arthur Morgan fans that the actor himself feels that Red Dead Redemption 2 completed the story.

It would certainly be nice for Arthur Morgan to at least return as a side character. But that wouldn’t really do the character justice. It would likely need to be all or nothing, again.

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