Arkane To Reveal Its Next Game At The Game Awards, It’s Claimed

dishonored 3

In September 2023, references to Dishonored 3 surfaced in leaked documents that emerged from the Microsoft vs. FTC court case. It wasn’t the first time that we’d seen a reference to the existence of the third game in the Dishonored series, but it was the most legitimate example we’d seen thus far.

Now, fresh claims are surfacing, suggesting that Arkane Studios is going to reveal its next game during The Game Awards on December 7.

Recovery Time

Arkane struggled monumentally this year with the notorious ‘Redfall Flop’ that produced one of the lowest-rated games in history. It’s hoped that with its next game, the studio could recover somewhat, but what exactly could it be?

Dishonored 3 is possible, with ‘NateTheHate’ claiming on Reddit that he’d ‘been told that Arkane’s next game will be announced at TGA’. That was followed by a post on Twitter by Brad Sams, which was a single emoji alluding to Arkane’s announcement involving a game featuring a sword – or blade.

This has of course led to speculation that the game is Dishonored 3, as the semi-open-world Dystopian stealth-slasher franchise is, by numbers, the company’s most popular series.

It has already been more than seven years since the last game in the series – Dishonored 2 – was released to a positive reception. It was thought for a while that the franchise had all but been abandoned, but it seems that might not be the case if recent claims are to be believed.

If the game is Dishonored 3, what’s unknown is where Dishonored 3 could go, given how Dishonored 2 more or less wrapped up the story that spanned two games and a handful of expansions. Could we see new protagonists surface in an original setting? Perhaps.

Or is Arkane’s next game something different and have the the hints been put in front of you this entire time? We’ll find out on Thursday, December 7, 2023.

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  1. No I would rather see Doom Zero or Evil Within 3 over them again. What’s Roundhouse studios making? That studio has been around for a while and still no new game and Machine Games it’s been a while where’s their new game?

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