Ed Boon Teases a ‘Big Surprise’ is Coming to Mortal Kombat 1

mortal kombat 1

Ed Boon has officially confirmed in a new interview that Mortal Kombat 1 will add a second part with more story, and that NetherRealm Studios has “a big surprise after that”. The statement was reported on Twitter via @WesleyLPBR:

Mortal Kombat 1 has been largely praised for its storytelling, which is a tidy and character-driven introduction for new players.

Although the plot takes many freedoms with classic characters, their personalities remain familiar and compelling. It also had some fun performances, and ultimately left many things open ended.

Naturally, the big twist frustrated some fans, and the post credits scene only reinforced that idea. The concept has quickly lost its novelty, however fun the nostalgia can be.

A second part has the opportunity to resolve this. And that seems more likely now that Ed Boon hints at “a big surprise”.

It’s unclear if that would involve subverting expectations for the plot itself. Boon could be referring to new modes, another upcoming DLC, or other announcements.

He does mention the surprises would arrive “after” the second part.

Story and voiceover director Dominic Cianciolo partly elaborated on Boon’s statement:

This follow-up hints at multiple surprises and emphasizes the story.

For now, fans can only speculate as Invasions add tidbits of narrative. The second season, Blood Moon, focuses on Nitara and will wrap up next week.

Although these Invasions can be fun, Aftermath was a much bigger deal for Mortal Kombat 11. The second part of Mortal Kombat 1 would likely be equally large, if not larger.

It will need to address key plot points like the Lin Kuei, which hints at many other potential character additions.

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  1. Surprise? I guess he’s charging for more DLC I bet this time the story expansion will have to be bought for $40

    1. The game is dead lol 😂 man some comments crack me up. You must have it on the PC port which wasn’t there version and optimized like true garbage and who would buy the switch version lol 😞😆 it’s like buying mk for Gameboy just stupid to do. Consoles are the best for games like this hands down GTA 6 is going to be missing from PC as well. So better get your consoles if you want to enjoy any new games from that nature of gaming. But MK 1 is far from dead just cause you don’t play the game look up sales before you speak on things dummy.

  2. The surprise should be Injustice 3 since he cancelled it originally so he could make this mess of an MK game

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