The Day Before Devs: ‘Sh*t Happens’

the day before devs

On the latest episode of ‘The Fall of The Day Before’, we join Fntastic, the game’s beleaguered developer, who has taken to social circles to publish a heartfelt, emotional statement:

‘This was our first big experience. Shit happens.’

That sentiment is representative of the entire project, right? Hours ago, it was announced that Fntastic would be closing down its operations just four days after the release of The Day Before, the long-awaited game that was believed to be a scam since it was revealed back in 2021. It had one of the most suspicious, doubted development journeys in gaming history, and when it surfaced, it was made quite clear that the project was effectively a rug pull.

And Now, The Escape

There were countless indicators that this project was a failure from the start. As time went on, things got worse, and nothing Fntastic (the developer) did could help the situation. Now, the company is running rampant on social media, almost openly mocking the people who purchased the game at full price. That’s right, this early access game that was barely built in a serviceable state was being sold for $40.

This is the kind of thing the team is posting:

It doesn’t end there, though. On social media and Steam, things are changing. In recent hours, Fntastic’s CEO has disabled his Twitter account, and on Steam, Fntastic’s old games are being amended, with the developer being altered to read ‘Eight Points’ instead of ‘Fntastic’. Mytona’s name is also being removed from everything – this being the publisher that reportedly funded the entire project from day one.

The firm’s website is nothing more than a landing page with the post explaining that the studio is closing, and The Day Before can no longer be purchased on Steam, for obvious reasons. It seems like these Russian developers are making off into the night following the deployment of this notorious rug pull.

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