Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus Available Today

Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus

Remedy Entertainment has announced and released its Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus mode, titled The Final Draft, for all players.

“From the beginning, our plan was to create a New Game Plus mode for Alan Wake 2 as an essential part of the experience,” Remedy creative director Sam Lake said via the PlayStation Blog. “When we started working on the game and the story, the idea was always there. It made sense on multiple levels.

“We were creating a dense experience. It felt that there was enough to support multiple playthroughs for all the aspects of the story to sink in, and for all the collectibles to be found and pieced together. With the New Game Plus, a clear motivation exists to do that.”

With New Game Plus, players will retain all of the weapons, upgrades, and charms. There’s also a new “Nightmare” game mode for players who “want to face further challenge”.

Lake adds that there are narrative elements to the New Game Plus that will fit within the game’s lore and the progress players have made throughout their playthrough. The mode will also help free Alan Wake from the nightmare loop he’s been stuck in.

“Finally, with the New Game Plus and Alice’s help, we are set free from the loop and ready to proceed deeper into the spiral,” he said.

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