Mortal Kombat 1 Getting ‘Krossplay’ Next Week


NetherRealm Studios has revealed that next week’s update will bring crossplay mechanics to Mortal Kombat 1, linking PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players. It has been dubbed ‘Krossplay’, of course – but no more information has been provided by NetherRealm at present.

Fans of the famous fighting franchise were quick to point out that Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 have had crossplay features since release, and some have dubbed the update ‘too little, too late’ – but it’s still a big win for players trying to play with their friends across platforms.

It’s (Still) In Our Blood

Mortal Kombat 1’s last sales update stressed that the game had sold 3 million copies – that was back in November. Since then, the game has slipped down the charts – but drip-fed content updates and patches are keeping it relevant in the fighting game community.

Next week, some top-tier characters are making their way into Mortal Kombat 1. We’ll see the arrival of John Cena’s Peacemaker character – voiced by the man himself – and a female version of Johnny Cage known as Janet Cage. The latter character will be available exclusively as a Kameo character, the supporting roster that can jump in to back up a fighter when needed.

The ‘Krossplay’ update will hit Mortal Kombat 1 on February 28, 2024.

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  1. The game is dead NRS should get to work on a new game now so there’s no long wait. Learn from this remove kameos, add konquest mode, remove invasions, bring back sexy designs for females, no politics, bring John Tobias back to supervise everything, bring back all the 3D era characters properly not how they were ruined in MK1, and if they whole live service thing has to be implemented just make the game free to play also go to Unreal Engine 5 it’s way past time this game should not be on Unreal 4 in 2023 the next game should be in Unreal 5 before Unreal 6 comes out.

    1. Probably won’t happen after this game underperformed and SSKTJL flopped they’ll probably shut down studios now. Avalanche could be safe because Hogwarts but WB Montreal, NRS, Rocksteady, possibly Monolith are close to closure. I wouldn’t be surprised if WB games closes.

    2. Guest characters would help but after Homelander it’s all downhill since Ed and the influencers don’t know what’s popular today they just follow the trend and pretend to know.

    3. DC is at a low so Injustice 3 or a new DC fighting game would be something to help DC after Suicide Squad bombed. NRS should end MK after Homelander comes out if it remains low and rush a DC game out. DC Metal or Kingdom Come would be perfect for a game.

    4. Oh god, shut up. Just because you like seeing ‘sexy” women literally disembody each other doesn’t mean it’s “political”. MX9 designs were “sexy” and they were bottom tier trash with zero imagination and looked terrible. They were designed for the lowest that gamers have to offer. People that need women to be “sexy” to play a fighting game (even though most already are in MK1…) need to reevaluate their basement-dwelling tendencies.

      Though I am VERY impressed you learned how to play MK with one hand.

  2. Forgot this game existed. Is NRS making Injustice 3? Is Injustice done because without Kevin Conroy and this long a wait there doesn’t seem to be a point especially when DC is at such a low point I mean if the MCU is this bad the DC stuff finds a way to be worse. Heard different things last year that KP2 could be cancelled if KP1 flops which supposedly it has.

    1. Despite what Ed and NRS shills say IJ3 is dead there’s not point in that game coming out over 10 years after IJ2 and no Kevin Conroy makes it worse. DC has no future as a brand thanks to people in charge from Snyder to Gunn everyone after 2013 was awful for the brand. Young Justice was trash too.

      1. Theoretically IJ3 would come out in 2028-2033 depending on if they have the same amount of time, if UE5 is harder to use, recasting, and there’s more strikes coming. IJ3 would tank harder it’s better they stay with MK unless they’re shut down.

    2. I think they should adapt the WildStorm universe they never did DC justice so just make a WildStorm game and it could remain M rated. This would help The Authority movie since they’re WildStorm,

    3. Ed Boon the head of the studio hates DC so Injustice is dead sorry go blame him he cancelled the 3rd game for this mess.

  3. They should have just made Injustice 3 instead of Mortal Kombat reboot again and Suicide Squad at least then Kevin Conroy could end his role as Batman on a high note since Injustice Batman was faithful to main universe Batman it would have also helped DC who hasn’t had a good product out in forever everything is bad there the comics, cartoons, movies, shows, now the games it’s all bad.

    1. Yeah same with Suicide Squad they should have made a Batman Beyond game and Gotham Knights too they could have made anything else like a Green Arrow game or solo Nightwing game adapting the Chuck Dixon comics. The people who made these decisions need to be fired. Ed I heard was the reason for all the problems at Netherrealm he’s just awful to work with.

    1. He needs to stop trolling he’s 60 years old! He complains about Twitter on Twitter that’s the dumbest thing. He avoids fixing the studio, he’s part of the toxic environment, and staff is underpaid severely no wonder this game is trash he needs to be fired. He acts like a child.

  4. This game is awful they might want to rush out a trailer for the rest of DLC and the story expansion and tease 1 guest for Kombat Pack 2 something big not GhostFace! Fans tried telling Ed to add Kaneki, Yujiro, Pickle, Guts, Chainsaw Man, and Alucard but Ed doesn’t know anime and most of the people he talks to don’t like anime. He wasted money on Megan Fox and Van Dame supposedly Travis Scott is next that is what hurt this game the money they wasted on celebrities.

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