Palworld Hits 25 Million Players in One Month


Palword isn’t done topping the charts just yet. It was recently revealed that since Palworld was released a month ago, it has pulled in more than 25 million players – 15 million on Steam, and 10 million on Xbox. Pocket Pair – the game’s developer – has stressed that it’s continuing to focus on bug fixes and anti-cheat measures as the game’s community just keeps swelling.

Bigger than Pokémon

According to Statista, the best-selling Pokémon game of all time is Red/Blue on Game Boy, which was released back in 1996. Before the end of its lifecycle, the top-tier pairing had sold 31.3 million copies, with the next closest release being Sword/Shield, which sold 26.02 million copies. That means that Palworld is about to edge out Pokémon’s most popular games ever within a single month of release.

Despite issues, Palworld has continued to exceed expectations and dominate sales charts. In recent weeks, newsfeeds have been pumped full of remarkable achievements and player builds, with some users going to intense extremes to get the most out of Pocket Pair’s paradigm-shifting title.

Are you still playing Palworld?

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  1. Game Pass was a huge reason Microsoft should try getting their next game too and also Reynatis get that to game localized and on Game Pass watch the attention draw in.

    1. That would be a huge W getting that game localized and launching on Game Pass Reynatis that is since Kingdom Hearts is just a mess. AIKODE is another game they should get.

  2. It would and it has one of the same writers from KH. The game looks good and it’s what many have wanted from Nomura so since KH4 is probably years away and Square might shut down before that comes out I say take advantage of their mistake. Add Reynatis to Game Pass with an English dub and subtitles then just watch everyone flock to it like Palworld I mean Microsoft has the money to pay for ports of it.

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