Rebellion Reveals Zombie Army VR is Coming in 2024

Zombie Army VR

Rebellion, the developer behind Sniper Elite, has revealed Zombie Army VR with an official trailer and a release window set for 2024.

The devs did not confirm a concrete release date. However, Rebellion did reveal the supported platforms. Zombie Army VR will be available on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest, Oculus Rift, and PC headsets via Steam.

A press release for Zombie Army VR explains that “you return to the field as one of the Deadhunters, an elite squad that is hunting down zombie war criminals. You will fight your way through undead hordes near the bombed-out city of Nuremberg and help Hermann Wolff, the Deadhunter’s legendary leader, find his scattered family and fight to free Europe from the zombie apocalypse.”

There is currently a lot of buzz around the zombie genre thanks to Dead Island 2. It suddenly joined Xbox Game Pass this week, for both console and cloud.

However, Rebellion has invested in its Zombie Army series for years. And the next title will be the first installment available on VR platforms.

This has the potential to help the Zombie Army series distinguish itself a bit more. The Zombie Army Trilogy that launched in 2015 still has mixed reviews. Many fans basically describe the games as familiar, serviceable fun.

Zombie Army 4 didn’t fare much better on Metacritic, again dividing critics and fans alike.

But today’s new trailer and press release showcase how Zombie Army VR will make full use of the new platform. Players can “use both hands to aim down the sights of your rifle”, or “dual-wield pistols and submachine guns”.

Zombie Army VR will also feature a new campaign, co-op, and the iconic X-ray Kill Cam.

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