EXCLUSIVE: Brock Lesnar’s WWE 2K24 Status

Brock Lesnar WWE 2K24

Brock Lesnar is in WWE 2K24, but you won’t be able to play as him.

Multiple sources have told Insider Gaming that while it was too late to fully remove Lesnar from the game, the plan shifted to simply make him unplayable for players upon release.

Despite being unplayable, his character and game files are still within WWE 2K24. That means that there will be ways for those with the ability to get him to become playable, it’ll just take some work to make it happen.

As far as why he’s not just being removed from the game, there are a couple reasons. The biggest reason is the fact that it was so late in the game’s development when the latest allegations against Vince McMahon arose that also implicated Lesnar, though he wasn’t mentioned by name.

Another is it’s possible that he has minor inclusions within different game modes.

Insider Gaming has reached out to over a dozen contacts at 2K through various methods for comment on Lesnar’s status within the game as well as what sources have said. As of writing, however, each request has gone unanswered. The closest to an answer has been a rep passing along what the company says is “the full roster” with Lesnar not included.

This story is still developing. Should 2K provide an official response on the status of Brock Lesnar and WWE 2K24, we will amend the article.

WWE 2K24 launches March 8 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. Those who pre-order the Deluxe or Forty Years of WrestleMania edition will get access starting on March 5.

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  1. It’s ridiculous when you have a boxer Muhammad Ali in the upcoming wrestling video game but you can’t play as Brock Lesnar??? If he hasn’t been charged with anything then there’s no reason to not put him in the game this is utterly ridiculous and I hope people don’t buy the game for that reason alone!!!!!

    1. Look up allegations against Muhammad Ali it’s bad it’s on the same level as Vince. Pedophilia, grooming kids, racism, grooming women, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, bigotry, potentially rape, domestic violence, adultery, physical abuse, verbal abuse, bullying, emotional abuse, conservative values, the amount of things he was doing should have him banned he was not a nice person. Same for Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X who both also committed heinous acts that shouldn’t be ignored MLK was a rapist and pedophile preaching religion while X was known for dealing drugs, pimping and abusing women for his own gain, and numerous other crimes he also sold his own people to white men in return for gay sex. By this same logic 2K should remove Kareem Abdul Jabbar for his disgusting lifestyle of manipulating black people while marrying a white woman and conceiving a privileged white child criminal all while pushing the “pro black” agenda which caused more damage than good especially towards women and LGBTQIA+ members of the black community resulting in years of confusion and emotional tolls on people as a whole.

  2. I feel like the decision on whether to or how to use Lesnar should be left to the players since he has never been charged with anything officially. He never made a statement of any kind either. This move only pays off if Brock is indeed guilty and makes 2K and WWE look like fools if he is innocent of wrongdoing. Even if he’s innocent and is somehow patched back in as a “We’re Sorry Brock!!” moment, it’s still scummy to condemn him before the man can even make a case for himself.

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