Riot Games’ Project L Is Now 2XKO With Playtest Sign Ups Open

2XKO Riot Games Project L

Riot Games’ Project L is no more. The studio announced on Thursday that the game formerly known as Project L is officially 2XKO.

2XKO is a new 2 v 2 fighting game featuring characters from League of Legends that is scheduled for release in 2025 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

In addition to the name reveal, Riot Games release a “Year in Preview” video to go over the plans for the game.

“Our dev team has grown significantly since we last talked, and things are really ramping up,” executive producer Tom Cannon said.

“Overall, we’re building an always-evolving fighting game for the FGC (fighting game community), and there’s so much to be excited for. But there’s also a lot we still have to figure out, and so that’s where we’re going to need your help.”

Cannon said that the team will be bringing a playable demo in “a bunch of places across the world” throughout the year in order to get feedback from players. On top of that, players are able to sign up for playtests of the game via the 2XKO website.

What do you think about the name of Project L being 2XKO as well as the announced plans for the game? For more Insider Gaming, check out our exclusive on the status of Brock Lesnar in WWE 2K24.

    1. This game could have a short life span the FGC is busy with games and this won’t be the big fighter the content creators have been hoping for especially with Tencent pulling funding from Riot as well as majority of the staff being gone.

    1. I’m curious too because then 2025 would have this and that game from what everyone assumes. SNK could finally release Garo 2 also so it would be a packed year for AAA fighting games.

    2. Bandai does need to address that I mean Tekken 8 looks like it will fail to meet expectations then their other games didn’t perform as well so shareholders will want to know what’s next. I want to know what 5 games they cancelled as part of budget cuts.

      1. Harada and friends blew the budgets on Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur that’s why then Bandai took loses on Guilty Gear and costs of From Soft games aren’t cheap. They’ve been losing money for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bandai Namco becomes the next Konami and Harada the next Kojima.

      2. After the recent announcement they’re banning players for rage quitting I wouldn’t be surprised and there’s no guest characters to bring anyone in. Another problem is fighting game devs and twitter Harada and Boon just can’t put down twitter all they do is argue with nobodies.

    3. I want to know too they teased a sequel to Jump Force and ASW has been at work on something for them for a while where are those games? Even Sparking Zero info has been hush hush it’s weird.

      1. Yeah if Bandai wants sales they should announce all of those and add guests like Gojo, All Might, and Yujiro Hanma to Tekken 8. The problem is they listen to influencers who are extremely out of touch and outright hate anime and the anime community they have no respect for it so Bandai and others just ignore that cash tree meanwhile Fortnite cashes in on it. All this anime hype and no anime fighter? No events? It’s weird. DBFZ came out like almost 10 years ago, Jump Force like 6 years ago, and Tenkaichi 4 still has no release date or window they won’t even say 2024.

    4. I hope it’s a Shonen Jump crossover game with everyone from the 60’s/70’s all the way to present so Kinnikuman, Yoh, Luffy, and Tanjiro. I’d be cool if it was a platform fighter too like the DS game from years ago. Rumor I heard was MHA and One Piece were the ones considered next for ASW games.

    1. Probably trad fighters don’t perform as well as platform fighters do they should have done that then again league’s numbers have been inflated for years they should stick to Valorant

      1. Even then NickASB was a flop the sequel was forgotten even faster and Miltiversus is dead too. Smash was the only king

      2. It depends on the game tbh. Cuz in general yh plaform fighters do perform better for newer franchises, but you look at games like Guilty Gear, Tekken, Street Figher, DBFZ, Mortal Kombat, MvC and even games like Melty Blood are extremely popular in their own rights. Most of them being the most popular fighting games of all time. Although yes, almost all of these have a long lasting fanbase if riot could hit gold here it def would perform better than a platform fighter especially since the combat is somewhat similar to MvC. But it’s Riot so I don’t have much hope.

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