Returnal Developer Housemarque Teases Mystery Project

In a new post on Twitter, Returnal developer Housemarque released a mysterious image that appears to tease another project.

The image is accompanied by a single word, “tomorrow,” implying that the devs will reveal more at that time. For now, the image only reveals a shattered face, and fans are quickly speculating about its identity. Many believe the face resembles Selene, the protagonist of Returnal.

Housemarque previously worked on Returnal, which first launched on PlayStation in April 2021 to strong reviews. Returnal later got a PC port on February 15th, 2023, and still has “Mostly Positive” ratings from the latest Steam reviews.

Fans quickly noted that Housemarque plans to reveal more on April 30th, 2024, which is an anniversary for Returnal’s initial launch date.

This reinforces that the devs could be gearing up for a project related to Returnal, and possibly even a long-awaited sequel. The ending of the first game certainly left room for more storytelling. Many players appreciated the secret ending, which offered a compelling cliffhanger.

However, the project could still be an entirely new project or DLC. It’s unclear if tomorrow’s big announcement will simply reveal a title or include a trailer and release window.

Returnal was a major success for developer Housemarque, a third-person shooter centering on astronaut Selene as they survive an alien world. It was also a fresh spin on the tired roguelike genre, which could always use another inspired project.

Housemarque has not confirmed anything more about its next mystery project at this time.

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  1. Would rather see something else like Venom, Silent Hill 2, Ghost of Tsushima 2, Bluepoint’s game, or Bend’s game. Bluepoint teased a reveal last year and nothing happened.

  2. Bluepoint teased a game last year and never showed it and I think Concord was teased this year or last and also wasn’t shown. What the hell is going on?! Why can’t they show games? Sucker Punch, Bend, and Santa Monica have yet to release a next gen game. Naughty Dog has only released remakes/remasters. Insomniac has been carrying PlayStation with 2 next gen titles and potentially 2 more meanwhile these other studios can’t make a single game.

  3. Genuinely excited for this announcement. Returnal was a fantastic PS5 title and I have faith in their next project.

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