Game of Thrones MMORPG in Development at Nexon, It’s Claimed

game of thrones mmoprg

It has been claimed that there’s a brand-new Game of Thrones MMORPG in development at a Nexon subsidiary (publisher of Maple Story and parent company of Embark Studios, among others). It has been reported that the game is set in the North, close to The Wall and Winterfell, and that characters from the series will be featured but they won’t be voiced by their original actors, such as Kit Harington.

MMORPG is Coming

In a claim that surfaced recently from Redanian Intelligence, it was said that the in-development Game of Thrones MMORPG takes place ‘somewhere around Season 4 / Season 5.’ It was said that Roose Bolton is Warden of the North at this point and that Jon Snow and Samuel Tarly are on The Wall, and that the game might feature expansions that take players to other areas of the universe, but that point is based on conjecture.

Here’s what was written by Redanian Intelligence:

The player will meet these and other characters during the game, but as far as we know, the original cast isn’t returning to voice their characters. At least in the current iteration of the game. Instead, the game will have a new voice cast who will try to sound similar to the HBO actors.

It has been claimed that there’s a story campaign to follow and that players will be free to customise their character as they see fit. It has also been suggested that the protagonist is an original character and not one that we’ve seen before.

Unfortunately, those who got excited when they heard ‘Game of Thrones game’ were immediately turned off when the terms ‘MMORPG’ and ‘Nexon’ appeared.

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  1. I feel Game of Thrones could easily work as an MMO, especially with its expansive world, but I don’t know with the fact of having it take place during the events of the mainline story. Feels like it will end up pigeonholing itself to be restricted to the events of the books instead of giving itself a fresh narrative. On top of it being developed by Nexon, considering they were recently humiliated by that streamer who purposefully didn’t level to 300.

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