Bloober Team Working With Take-Two on Unannounced Project, Report Says

bloober team project C

Bloober Team – the studio working on the Silent Hill 2 Remake – recently published a financial report that shed light on projects underway at the firm. A document translated by @pl_evil on Twitter revealed that Bloober is working on a brand-new IP alongside Private Division – Take-Two Interactive.

There’s another project going on that’s centred around Skybound Entertainment, which has been dubbed ‘Project R’, and it seems as though that’ll be revealed in full next year.

What Are They Cooking?

In the recent financial update, Bloober Team confirmed:

Project C, which we are working on together with Private Division (Take-Two Interactive), is currently well advanced, and we are very pleased with the current progress. This will be the next big step of Bloober Team in order to implement a long-term strategy. It will also be the first new original project (IP belongs to Bloober Team) as part of the new strategy.

Presently, nothing is known about this game, but from the description in the financial update, it seems like something substantial. It was mentioned in the report that Project C will be revealed later this year, following the release of Silent Hill 2 Remake.

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  1. What about the game Studio MDHR was making for Take2? Also still waiting on Silent Hill 2 remake I mean we can’t say if it’s good or not until it comes out.

  2. That’s fine and all but they have a few IP’s that people would love to see back like Manhunt also Midnight Club and then let’s not forget Oni. I know some people want a new Bully and obviously there’s Red Dead Redemption 3 a game fans have been waiting for. How’s the Max Payne remakes coming along

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