Players Mad That ‘Uncensored’ Stellar Blade Is Actually Censored

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On social platforms, a topic has emerged that’s seeing players complain about Stellar Blade, which was released yesterday exclusively on PlayStation 5. The core of this complaint is that the game – which was reported as being uncensored in all markets – appears to have suffered from at least some censorship. Compared to previous versions of the game, some of Eve’s outfits have been ‘toned down’, with some elements being introduced to cover the heroine up a little more.

Sins of the Flesh

In a comparison between two images, one Reddit user showed how a particular outfit in Stellar Blade had been ‘toned down’, with ShiftUp incorporating another layer of clothing that made the cosmetic ever so slightly less revealing. The item in question looks like some kind of one-piece swimsuit, and thanks to changes made by ShiftUp, that swimsuit now has another layer beneath it, extending to cover Eve’s hips and breasts a little more.

Here’s the comparison, taken from Reddit:

One of the biggest points of debate ahead of the game’s release was centred around the ‘objectification’ of the main character, Eve. It’s no big secret that ShiftUp designed her character to be as curvy and eye-catching as possible, but that was a sore spot for many and it kicked off a vibrant debate as to the necessity of the character looking the way she does.

Now, a petition has surfaced to remove the apparent censorship from Stellar Blade. Yes, really.

Regardless of how that debate unfolded, it arguably is the reason that Stellar Blade generated so much hype ahead of its release.

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  1. Simple don’t buy the game then. This isn’t hard. Let Sony take another L they have nothing this year they already stopped promoting Rise Of The Ronin. Maybe this will make them announce the 2025 lineup earlier.

  2. If this happens can we finally get Itagaki to come back to DOA and NG. He needs to revive his projects Code Cronus and take the reigns on DOA 7. NG could use a proper injection too.

    1. Saying don’t but it is defeatist. Nothing is ever achieved by defeatists.

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