Gray Zone Warfare Planned For Console Release

Gray Zone Warfare Console

With news that Gray Zone Warfare’s early access release date will be announced on April 29, fans have been asking about a potential release on console. In a post on Twitter, developer Madfinger Games has tipped their hand a bit on future plans for the game.

“Our goal is to be available on consoles as well,” they said. “Controller support will eventually be implemented for PC too.”

While seeing that the studio plans for Gray Zone Warfare to be released on console as well as PC, it was cautioned that a release on other platforms shouldn’t be expected any time soon.

“Consoles could be years out,” the studio said. “We want to build the ultimate experience and make sure our vision truly comes into fruition first.”

Gray Zone Warfare is a “intense tactical FPS emphasizing realism” where players have to “strategize and survive against human operators and AI enemies while uncovering the mystery of Lamang Island”.

Recently, Insider Gaming’s Grant Taylor-Hill got to spend time with the game, describing the game as immersive, intense, and something he got lost in while playing. You can read his full thoughts on the game in Insider Gaming’s exclusive preview.

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