Smite 2’s First Alpha Weekend Test Begins on May 2nd

Smite 2 Gods Alpha Test

According to a new press release, Titan Forge Games will hold its first closed alpha test for Smite 2 over the weekend of May 2nd to May 5th, 2024.

The test period will include “14 playable gods and the revamped Conquest game mode.” Titan Forge did not confirm the exact roster. But the devs are planning to reveal more information during a livestream on May 1st. Fans can watch via the Smite Twitch channel at 3 PM eastern time.

Titan Forge also confirmed there will be further alpha weekend tests, until closed beta rolls out around “late this summer.”

This gives fans a better idea of the development timeline, and when to expect a release window for the full release. Titan Forge also revealed a new trailer for the alpha today. It offers more glimpses of gameplay and the closed alpha Cacodemon Ymir skin.

Titan Forge Games first announced Smite 2 for PC and Consoles in January 2024. It will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Players can purchase the Founder’s Edition or the Deluxe and Ultimate Founder’s Editions to secure access to Smite 2’s upcoming alpha weekend. The Deluxe and Ultimate editions cost about $60 and $100, respectively.

After so many years of playing the original Smite, the sequel should renew interest, especially with its updated features. The reveal trailer put its Unreal Engine 5 technology front and center.

Late last month, Titan Forge also revealed the first new god Hecate. The devs showed how they plan to incorporate modern features into gameplay, and not just the visuals. For example, Hecate has abilities like Traverse Worlds that can “distort the entire map.”

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  1. I played so much Smite back in the day but stopped playing it for a few years now. Smite 2 has renewed my interest in the game but I don’t feel I can justify paying that amount to get access. While I hope it’ll be a massive improvement over the original, I’d still be cautious of Hi-Rez jank. Will probably watch some streams when it’s available to see how it is.

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