Smite 2 Announced For PC And Consoles

Smite 2 Logo And Heroes

Developer Titan Forge Games has just announced Smite 2 on Twitter, alongside an official reveal trailer on YouTube.

The trailer features pre-alpha gameplay footage and flaunts Unreal Engine technology.

This anticipated sequel will be released on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.

The devs did not confirm a release window, but they did announce a Closed Alpha test is coming in spring 2024.

This should give fans a better idea of the development timetable. Players can also register for the Alpha playtest today.

A new PlayStation blog includes more details about the future of Smite 2. PlayStation mentions they will have “more information to share about Smite 2 over the coming months”.

So, fans can expect regular updates about Smite 2 fairly soon, as the Closed Alpha approaches.

The blog further reassures fans that every kind of gem spent in Smite will be available in Smite 2. They explain that “Legacy Gems can be used in Smite 2 to pay for up to 50% of most new purchases”.

So, the time and work players have invested in the original Smite will carry over a bit into the sequel. This should prove helpful, since Smite 2 is sure to replace its predecessor if it can at least function properly.

Surprisingly, the original Smite will also introduce a “Divine Legacy system”. This will give players Unreal 5 versions of classic Smite skins for free.

This may help build buzz around the Unreal Engine foundation of Smite 2. Making the sequel with newer technology is definitely a highlight. Smite launched years ago, so it has needed a visual upgrade for some time.

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