Titan Forge Reveals First New Smite 2 God, Hecate

In an exclusive report from IGN, developer Titan Forge revealed the first new God coming to Smite 2, the Greek Goddess Hecate.

Hecate is not a returning God, making them the very first new God built from the ground up with Unreal Engine.

Today’s report was accompanied by an official trailer, revealing Hecate’s various abilities. Hecate commands “Sorcery, Witchcraft, and Magic”.

Their abilities take full advantage of Unreal Engine and modern gaming tech. For example, Traverse Worlds allows Hecate to “distort the entire map”. VFX Artist Shayne Felmann explained that “we’re rendering a flow map over everything” to distort everything for an otherworldly effect.

Mythical Ritual allows Hecate to directly interact with structures and other Gods. Their other abilities include Tartarus Cell, Open the Gates, and Spell Eater.

Presumably, future Gods added to Smite 2 will also shake up the gameplay using Unreal Engine 5 technology.

Titan Forge first announced Smite 2 for PC and current-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles in January. The devs did not confirm a release window.

However, a Closed Alpha test is coming this spring. Also, players can secure a spot on the Closed Alpha by pre-ordering the Smite 2 Founder’s Edition. Surprisingly, Titan Forge did not confirm an exact date for the alpha yet.

Hecate is a major milestone for the series, as the devs move into Unreal Engine 5. Smite 2 will conveniently introduce the “Divine Legacy system”. This gives players Unreal Engine 5 versions of classic Smite skins for free.

Some longtime fans might be concerned about the transition to Smite 2. Fortunately, linking your accounts allows you to transfer cross-gen skins and Legacy Gems from Smite 1 to Smite 2. So, players won’t lose all of their progress.

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