Ark The Animated Series Shadow Dropped on Paramount Plus

In a new post on Twitter, Paramount Plus revealed that the first episodes of Ark The Animated Series are now available on its streaming platform.

The series was first announced as far back as December 2020, during The Game Awards. The all-star cast features talent such as Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Butler, Russell Crowe, and Vin Diesel.

Paramount released a new trailer to coincide with the shadow drop. The description explains the basic plot, where “21st century paleontologist Helena Walker” is resurrected on the familiar prehistoric island.

She’ll need to “learn to survive with new allies from throughout time”. Paramount adds that the show’s story will unfold “spanning eons of human history”.

Ark: The Animated Series is only streaming in the US and Canada at this time. However, Paramount Plus’ official tweet adds that it is coming “to other countries” on April 19th.

Paramount did not specify if this will include all countries, and didn’t confirm an exact release time. The remainder of Ark: The Animated Series’ season 1 will release on Paramount Plus at a later time.

The Ark franchise is struggling a bit, following the mixed response to the latest game in the series, Ark: Survival Ascended. It launched in October 2023 to divided reviews.

The developers themselves later admitted that the servers were broken. These problems ensued despite the developers delaying Ark: Survival Ascended last year.

However, there’s still a big fanbase for this IP, thanks to its pulpy and creative survival gameplay. The actors behind the animated series are also major Hollywood actors, which should attract casual fans too.

Also, Snail Games CEO Jim Tsai suggested that the anticipated sequel Ark 2 could still launch in late 2024.

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