The Sims Is Getting a Movie Adaptation

It was recently claimed that a movie adaptation of The Sims is in production, being worked on by Margot Robbie’s studio and headed by Kate Herron, who most recently directed the first season of Loki. This is the latest in a very long line of live-action adaptations that have seen games find their feet in television or movie format, and for some, it has been a very successful transition.

Will The Sims become the next big hit to move from the world of gaming to the silver screen?

Sul Sul!

The Sims debuted in 2000, offering players the ability to experience an entire life within a video game. They could build their dream house, climb through the ranks of a career, get married, have children, and generally do all the things that most people do in real life anyway. As time went on, The Sims became more fantastical and inane, introducing alien races, jaunty spin-off titles, and more ambitious titles that pushed players from a single house to sprawling cities, exotic islands, and medieval settings.

Now, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, it has been revealed that The Sims is set to expand again, this time into the realms of movie-making. It was recently claimed by the publication that Margot Robbie’s studio, LuckyChap, will take on the production of The Sims movie, which is being backed by Electronic Arts, the long-time publisher of the life sim title.

It’s not yet known what The Sims movie might look like, but there’s an entire universe of possibilities out there. It’s as blank a canvas as you could ever hope to get as a filmmaker – I’m just wondering how they’ll get around the ‘Simlish’ barrier.

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